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Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW 

Couples Coaching On-Line… A Sign of the Times

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Most therapists I know have quite abruptly been thrust into the “telehealth” world, participating virtually in on-line sessions with our clients. I am happy to say that I have been working with telehealth for quite some time and very much enjoy this type of connection. Due to this recent pandemic telehealth may start to become the norm. 

Currently, due to Covid-19, many insurance companies are covering “telehealth” sessions, as well as some form of “cost sharing” regarding co-pays and deductibles. If you and your partner are struggling to talk and connect, then think about on-line Couples Counseling. 

My entire practice is currently all on-line and I feel this just represents a sign of the times. Conducting therapy sessions on-line has numerous selling points all on its own; but let me take a moment to relay, perhaps, the obvious. 

• Telehealth sessions are convenient. Clients used to have to get babysitters to come see me at the office. If they needed to talk more urgently, they couldn’t just make a quick appointment because they could not get that coordinated on such short notice. Likewise, clients may have a free hour on a given night to talk, but with drive time and traffic figured in it easily became a two plus hour endeavor. 

• Telehealth sessions are private. People just tend to like total privacy when it comes to communicating their trials and tribulations as they pertain to their quest for relationships. Many were often leery that those waiting outside my office door could hear them, despite my assurances that the sound machine was muffling their voices to an incomprehensible state. By using utilizing “telehealth” for couples counseling you do not have to worry about anyone overhearing you. 

• Telehealth sessions feel like one less commitment as you are free to connect where and how you choose. You can join the session from home, your office, while traveling or even under a big shady tree on a beautiful day. Additionally, you have plenty of options to connect to the session through your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. Total convenience, complete privacy and freedom best describes this new venue for change. 

If you find yourself struggling, as so many do in the quest for love, then do not be afraid to ask for some professional guidance to get you moving in the right direction. 

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