Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: March Sanity!

By Tom Braford

The definition of insanity or madness is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We go for more, better or different but, in reality, that is just doubling down on the same old ways of doing things. 

We forget that the first rule of holes is that when you find yourself in one, stop digging.

We are in a hole right now in our civilization and on the planet. Nowhere is that more evident than in St Louis. The level of carbon in our atmosphere is rising, as are the mean temperature on the planet, sea level intensity and frequency of violent and unpredictable weather. All of that ramps up pressure cooker levels of social fragmentation and disruption, and still we keep digging?

Enough already! Let’s try something completely new. What if we built a network of reconciliation ecovillages where people live in cooperation with their neighbors near and far and in harmony with nature?

What if this were an affordable, preferable way to live, and it was also net positive in carbon, renewably derived power, water, waste transformation, employment and transportation? What if we did it right here in the belly of the beast in racially and economically divided St. Louis, where our carbon footprint is 23.6 metric tons per person per year, higher than any individual country?

It’s highly probable this will create an epidemic of workability, sustainability and economic prosperity in our region that will soon become endemic in the world. Success breeds success. It’s viral in a positive way.

If you are tired of digging deeper holes and would rather be building that shining city on a hill that lights the way for others to a brighter future for all, please join us.

Innovations we have developed that make a net positive future affordable can be offset by federal tax credits for small development companies like ours. Plus, Jeff Bezos has just committed $10 billion to solving global warming, so why don’t we work together to get a piece of that for St. Louis?

See you at the Healthy Planet’s Natural Living Expo on March 29!