Having Health Issues? Could It Be All In Your Head?

By Tom Tessereau, 
Certified Bio Craniopath,
The Healing Arts Center

According to doctor’s findings it certainly appears this age-old adage is true.

But no one should say that your health problems are just in your imagination. We are referring to structural anatomy and physiology, namely the bones and connective tissues in the cranium. Your head.

Based on findings from Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathy and Chiropractic, a system of health care has finally revealed and substantiated the connection between your head and your health, at just about every level.

Dr Robert Boyd (1933-2014), a UK based Osteopath, unlocked the key component to deeper functioning of the body after decades of research and professional practice.

His Bio Craniopathy system of healthcare is a breakthrough understanding and application of a procedure that creates often surprising results. Each treatment only takes a few minutes, and typically only a few sessions to see definite and measurable results. 

Here are some reports of real experiences reported after Bio Cranial sessions:

“I have never seen my son so happy! His OT even noticed a huge difference in his processing after his first correction! As a mother of a special needs child I am so relieved!” reported a mother of a 9 year old on the Autism spectrum after his first treatment.

“I am feeling so much better, with way fewer symptoms, and I have been taken off of my Beta Blockers after seeing my doctor!” reported a woman with hyperthyroidism who was hoping to avoid radioactive iodine medical treatment.

“My 6 year old daughter was being fitted for hearing aids for a recently discovered problem that was affecting her learning in school. After one Bio Cranial Correction her hearing was completely restored!” reported a top Orthopedic Surgeon near Indianapolis who, upon studying Bio Cranial, has completely stopped doing back surgeries on his patients.

Conclusively, the Bio Cranial treatment, or Bio Craniopathy, addresses people who are dysfunctioning — the total person — not diseases that result from dysfunction. It is probably the most holistic system in existence for this reason.

For scheduling a treatment with Tom or Sabrina Tessereau, Certified Bio Craniopaths, call the Healing Arts Center in St Louis at 314-647-8080.