Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske; 

The Essence of the Plant

Aromatherapy is the art of using the essential oils of aromatic plants to promote health and well being. Because essences are organic, they work in harmony with your own essence, encouraging the natural healing force within. This allows a balancing of your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical selves. 

The essential oil of a plant is its unique personality. Careful extraction and storage can preserve this personality. Extraction is done with the scent in mind, so great care is given not to damage the scent during the distillation process. This careful intent preserves the powerful life force of the essence.

Essential oils can give us not only a deep healing but also an awareness of our connection to the natural world. See yourself as part of everything, know your place in ecology, claim your own personal essence, deeply breathe in life.

A few of my favorite oils and their properties: Basil – stimulates memory, clears the mind, releases fear; Chamomile – helps depression and oversensitivity; Cedarwood – purifies and protects; Eucalyptus – use for colds, coughs, sinus infections; Fennel – relieves nausea and stimulates detoxification; Frankincense – to understand life’s purpose, walk spiritual path, balance ego; Lavender – brings inner calm, peace of mind; Lemon – detoxifies, purifies, promotes healing; Marjoram – comforts the heart suffering from grief; Patchouli – clears confusion and doubt; Peppermint – stimulates the mind, halts negative thoughts; Rose – calms strife, instills happiness; Rosemary – strengthens memory; Sandalwood – removes blockages; Sweet Orange – releases depression, brings joy; Vetiver – aids manifestation; Ylang-ylang – calms negative emotional states.

Essential oils are very powerful concentrated therapeutic agents. Always use them in moderation. Do not take them internally. Never apply pure essential oils directly to your skin. Dilute them in water, alcohol or carrier oil such as olive, grape seed or sweet almond. Use one to ten drops for each application in bath, body oil, room diffuser. Store your oils in a cool, dry, dark place. Purchase only pure essential oils, not lifeless synthetic perfume.

Fill your space, wherever you are, with the scent of fragrant herbs and welcome the gifts of these special plants.

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