Massage Is Not Just A Luxury Anymore

The massage industry has grown significantly in the last 20 years due to a number of factors. One of the more significant reasons is that people have realized that massage is not just a luxury for the rich and famous, but a necessity for everyday health and well-being. Surveys by prominent industry associations show that most people booked massage sessions for pain relief and improved mobility. 

Clients often comment that they wished they had booked a session sooner because they feel so much better after their session.

Clients book sessions with the hope of feeling better after just one session, which is frequently the case. But clients that book regular sessions find the benefits much more beneficial in that they feel better on a more consistent basis. Isn’t it good to feel better all of the time? 

Clients come with a variety of issues to a massage session and a good therapist will listen to the client’s concerns and complaints and try to work with the client on those issues. 

Back, neck and shoulder issues are some of the most common complaints and there are so many different modalities that can address these issues. You know your body best and reminding yourself of the need to take care of it is an important factor in one’s health. 

A massage at least once a month gives the body the ability to feel better. 

Many clients book a massage once every week or two weeks. It would be great to be like Bob Hope who received a massage every day of his adult life. 

It is important to remember that massage is not just a luxury, but an important part of everyday well-being and health for all. 

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