Blu Room Wellness Center Relocates;

Invites You To Visit Historic Washington, Missouri

Washington MO is a charming river town located only 45 minutes from St. Louis. Washington is known for antiquing, bed and breakfast inns, nearby wineries, and Spa Day’s. 

Did you know that the Blu Room Wellness Center has recently moved to 6 E. Front street directly across from the Amtrak station and newly renovated Missouri River walking trail? 

Allow us to help you plan your day with massage, reiki, yoga and Blu Room Therapy, grab a local eat/drink and enjoy a peaceful walk on the trail before heading back home. 

Blu Room Therapy promotes mental/emotional and physical healing by using the power of intent, sacred geometry, UVB light (Vitamin D production) and sound therapy. 

During the Winter months many of our clients use the Blu Room to beat 

the “gloomy blues” by increasing Vitamin D levels. 

In one session you will make 5,000-10,000 units of your own Vitamin D, which has been shown to keep your immune system strong, decrease symptoms of depression and increase energy levels. 

Book a day you won’t forget! Call 636-432-1731 or visit Bluroomwellnesscenter.com.