The Healing Arts Center Offers Free Massage For Cancer Patients In Treatment

Clients in cancer treatment have been coming to the Healing Arts Center to receive free massage for the past several years. As a client in this clinic, you receive care and compassion, which are an important part of the healing process. The Healing Arts Center is a wellness center and massage therapy school that offers this free clinic as part of its mission to provide community service through therapeutic touch. Students who work in the clinic gain experience customizing their practice to clients’ unique needs during cancer treatment. Students who work with clients undergoing cancer treatment have had additional training. The Cancer Clinic supervisor also helps the students to ensure you have a safe and effective massage.

Reiki is included during the massage session and is part of what makes our Cancer Clinic unique. Reiki is a Japanese stress-reduction practice where a person gently places their hands in a series of places on or over another person. This technique helps to activate the natural healing processes of the client’s body and help to restore physical and emotional well-being. Clients have reported that receiving Reiki is like the feeling of being cared for, like a great hug. Clients can receive both Reiki and massage during their 45-minute session or may choose to just receive Reiki. Your student massage therapist, with help from the supervisor, will talk with you about your individual needs that day to create your session.

Clients report reduction of pain, anxiety and depression after receiving massage and Reiki in the clinic. The sessions help to improve fatigue, range of motion, alertness and mental clarity. Many times, clients report that they go home after their session and have some of the best sleep they have had in months. To be eligible to receive free sessions at the Healing Arts Center, clients must be currently receiving chemotherapy, radiation or bio-therapies.

To schedule an appointment in the clinic, call the reception desk at 314-647-8080. The receptionist will email or send the forms to help you apply to the clinic. Each client must fill out a basic health intake form and will need their health care provider to fill out a form as well. Clients can download forms and apply to the clinic by visiting: www.thehealingartscenter.com/free-cancer-clinic.html

The Cancer Clinic has sessions available Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:30pm – 5:30pm by appointment only.