The Benefits of Thermography in Maintaining Breast Health

By Linda Spradling

October was breast cancer awareness month but we like to call every month breast health awareness and education month! We want to answer some of the questions we get about the benefits of thermography in maintaining breast health. While we do not advise our clients to have a thermogram in lieu of a mammogram we do like to point out the valuable and sometimes life-saving information that thermograms can give when used as an adjunct to mammograms.

Thermography is a test of physiology. We take images of the breasts using a digital infrared camera and we then send those images to be interpreted by trained medical doctors. Because breast cancer cells generally double in size every 90 days it is always recommended that a second thermogram is done 3 months after the initial scan before continuing annually. Although to the laymen’s eyes the thermographic images look strange and the colors seem to blend together, our doctors have been trained to analyze the images and are able to differentiate between suspected cancer cells or “developing pathology” as opposed to fibrocystic activity, lymphatic and vascular irregularities, cysts and even hormonal imbalances such as estrogen dominance. Thermography offers information about overall breast health as well as future risk of pathology.

If the recommended yearly scans are continued they can detect any physiological changes happening in the breasts in the earliest stages when treatment is easier and can be more effective.

Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis has been offering thermal imaging for over ten years. We offer breast health screening, partial body and full body imaging. Call today for an appointment at one of our convenient Missouri or Illinois locations and make thermography a part of your preventative health care for optimal health!

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