Shamanic Energy Medicine: Thank You To The Lineage Keepers of Ancient Knowledge*

By Holly Schmitt,
Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

Why would a modern, college educated professional turn to ancient healing methods? I have a thriving psychotherapy practice of 35 years. Why move into using healing tools that came from way back in human history?

Well, psychotherapy, like “western medicine”, is brand new to our species. This means we are at the beginning of growing our knowledge of what is effective. Sometimes we are finding miracles. In our excitement, we neglected the age old healing methods, and forgot their profound aid in healing our whole being.

Many, like myself, have found that both the modern and ancient modalities serve humanity. The old ways are being brought back into the main stream.

We are finding, through modern physics, that the world of the Shamanic Energy Medicine rings true. Everything is vibration/energy. We are remembering and learning anew how to work with these energies which can not be seen with our human eyes.

Shaman have been those who have worked between the seen and unseen worlds. Our thoughts and beliefs are also invisible to our physical eyes, yet, what we believe we perceive. When we invite expansion and flexibility into our beliefs, our experience of reality changes. When this is done with consciousness and respect, I call this healing.

Luckily, many tried and true energy medicine tools have been safeguarded through the millennia and passed down. We are truly blessed to receive these reservoirs of wisdom so patiently acquired. We now use these tools to heal the modern wounds of separation from: nature, the divine and our own purpose; as well as to address other types of traumas.

The early roots of my own shamanic story may resonate with many of you. I grew up climbing trees, swimming in lakes and rivers, tasting plants, talking to animals, and knowing I was one with my natural surroundings. The waters, land and sky were my intimate, vibrant, mysterious, awe-inspiring home. During those years, when not playing outside, my family traveled extensively. I adored soaking up cultural riches and grew more curious about the wealth of experience and wisdom sometimes hidden in foreign world views. My longing to expand my understanding of human perceptions of reality led to a High School exchange year in Peru. This was followed up by getting college degrees in Spanish, Anthropology and Social work.

My career as a psychotherapist has shown me the power of changing thoughts and beliefs to create freedom and wellness. I also have found limits in this discipline, so have grown more fascinated with the efficiency and gentle power of energy medicine to tend the soul.

*I offer Shamanic Energy Medicine sessions by appointment at two locations: St. Louis Wellness Center (Webster Groves, MO) on Mondays. Washington Healing Arts Center (Washington, MO) Tuesday-Saturdays.

For information or an appointment please call Holly Schmitt: 636-239-1117.