Homeopathic Laws for Parasites: High Doses Kill, Moderate Doses Irritate, Low Doses Laugh

By Simon Yu, MD

Homeopathy, a popular alternative to modern conventional medicine, was founded by German physician Christian Hahnemann in the early 19th century. Homeopathy has been providing millions of people looking for alternative, non-invasive form of therapeutics worldwide and especially for the treatment of chronic diseases as a means to promote prevention and healing.

Homeopathy stimulates and strengthens the intrinsic defense system and curative mechanisms which Hahnemann referred to as the “Vital Force.” The core of his clinical method is: To cure mildly, rapidly and permanently, choose in every case of disease, a remedy which can itself produce a similar affection.

The principles of Homeopathy are complex and requires a lifetime of studying based on the Law of Similars, provings and drug dynamization, the single remedy, Hering’s Law for the direction of the cure, the doctrine of miasms, and the law of the minimum homeopathic dose, Arndt-Schultz’s Law.

Arndt-Schultz’s law concerns the multiphasic effects of drugs or toxins in various concentrations. It is based on Hahnemann’s discovery of micro-dosing that was critically examined by conventional medicine. Arndt-Schultz’s Law states that, for every drug, small doses stimulate (hormesis), moderate doses inhibit, and large doses kill.

I do not have formal training in homeopathy as an Internal Medicine physician, but I have a keen interest in applying some homeopathic remedies as a valid support therapy in my Internal Medicine and Complementary Medicine practice. Low potency homeopathy I can understand as a medical doctor, but high potency homeopathy deals with complexity of biophysics, bioresonance and bioenergetic systems interacting within the cosmos that force you to stretch your imagination into metaphysics.

The human body is surrounded by microorganisms by a 10:1 ratio of more microorganisms known as the microbiome. In the battle between the body and invading forces, the homeopath is not primarily concerned with identifying the enemy, i.e. naming the virus or bacteria, but strengthening the body’s defenses and correcting the biological terrain. In allopathic medicine, the goal is to identify and select the powerful antibiotic drug to destroy the specific germ. Don’t get confused between antibiotics and antiparasitic medications, although there are some overlapping activities.

Homeopathy has been evolving into complex homeopathy to deal with new emerging environmental chemicals, infections and modern manmade toxins and stressors. In my 35 years of clinical observations, allopathic and homeopathic medicine have both been lagging behind in dealing with parasites and dental related medical problems including dental-oral parasites.

When I give a lecture on parasites at medical conferences, some of the physicians are appalled that I use such high doses of multiple parasite medications, which is based on acupuncture meridian assessment. They are concerned because they tried much smaller doses than I use, and their patients experienced many side effects.

It may seem counterintuitive. The best I can explain to them is that parasites are advanced complex life forms, and are not part of microbiomes. They are uninvited parasitic aliens and we need high doses of parasite meds, not antibiotics, to kill them. In my clinical experience, high doses have fewer side effects. Using moderate doses may irritate them, and they will hide deeper in tissues like the pancreas. If you use low doses, parasites will send out a handful of old, weak or dead ones to make it seem like the drug is doing the job of killing them while laughing at you.

My description of the analogy may appear unconventional or unscientific, but it is based on 20 years of clinical observation of using parasite medications since I came back from my US Army Reserve medical mission in Bolivia in 2001. It is like applying Arndt-Schultz’s Law of homeopathic principle of High Dose Kill and Low Dose Stimulate to parasites, not patients. The US Army dictates that superior power is the best preventive medicine (Combat Casualty Care Course).

Hering’s Law can also apply to parasite eradication. Hering’s Law states that cure tends to proceed from the top to downward, from more recent to older symptoms, from vital organs to less vital organs, and from inside to outside. From the evolution of life as we know it, parasites are at the top of the food chain above fungus, bacteria and virus. Parasites are deeply embedded for a long time, affecting the vital organs. One of the fastest treatments to rebalance the meridians and reactivate the vital organs is parasite eradication. Parasites have their own parasites, fungus, bacteria and virus within them. Dental-related medical problems, and allergy-immunology-environmental toxins, are separate independent risk factors.

Since Dr. Frederick T. Guilford and I published our review article, “Antiparasitic and Antifungal Medications for Targeting Cancer Cells: Literature Review and Case Studies,” I was interviewed by fungal expert Doug Kaufmann on sharing connection between parasites and fungal infections. There is a new scientific report in Nature, “ Dysbiotic microbiota in autistic children and their mothers: persistence of fungal and bacterial wall-deficient L-form variants in blood.” Another paper was published in Nature News and Views by Ivy Dambuza and Gordon Brown, “Fungi accelerate pancreatic cancer.” One genus of fungus, Malassezia, has been linked to the progression of pancreatic cancer.

Once parasites are under control, managing fungus, bacteria and virus are next in order, and it becomes easier to treat them. Unknown to most homeopathic physicians, we can apply Arndt-Schultz’s Law on eradicating parasites by using high doses of parasite medications to kill them, followed by fungal medications.

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