Cornucopia Symbolizes Abundant & Bountiful Harvest

By Crystal Stevens

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the word cornucopia is derived from the Latin term cornucopiae, meaning horn of plenty. The cornucopia is revered as a symbol of bounty or abundance; it is typically described as a “curved goat’s horn overflowing with fruits and grains”. The cornucopia, emblematic of the bountiful harvest can actually be traced back to Classical Antiquity. Many explanations of its origin and its symbolism can be found in Greek Mythology. Greek Gods Zeus and Hercules as well as Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest have each been mentioned in varying stories of its origin. In one anecdote, Zeus as an infant was nursed and nourished by Almathea, a she goat. One tale mentions that he created the horn of plenty to repay her for nourishing him.

The fields tended by small-scale farmers across the region of the Mississippi River Valley are alive with nutrients; they are continuously providing nourishment to their communities.

As farmers, the cornucopia for us symbolizes a bountiful and abundant harvest after months of incredibly difficult work in the brutal summer sun. Farmers work their fields rain or shine and face many challenges including crop failures, weather extremes, swarms of damaging insects, biting flies, relentless gnats, and many other realities. While organic farming is often romanticized, it is insanely challenging and truly a labor of love. Please support local farmers for all of your holiday meals. Be sure to thank your local farmers for all of their hard work to bring their bounty to your table.

Find local produce at these locations: Tower Grove Winter farmers market on Saturdays, Local Harvest Grocer, City Greens Market. To learn how you can grow your own produce to put in your cornucopia visit GrowCreateInspire.com.