Acupuncture Helps With Emotional As Well As Physical Pain

By Traci Bredenkamp, LAc
Acupuncture on Main

Have you been stuck? Have you been looking for answers to your health problems and getting nowhere? Have you gone to doctors and specialists and feel unsettled with your current options? Have you lost a spouse, parent, child or friend recently or seem to repeat patterns in relationships and don’t know how to fix it? Did you know that acupuncture helps with grief and all kinds of emotional issues along with physical pain?

I specialize in helping you turn things around. This is not a one treatment fix or a prescription medication, it’s a process totally unique to you. My goal is to help you turn things around in your life so that it is more satisfying, less stressful and you can feel better on all levels. With nearly all issues one can experience, there is some other component that is off whether mentally, emotionally, spiritually or perhaps financially. I have a variety of tools and modalities to find where the blockages are and work with you to return to your ideal self.

I offer acupuncture, cupping, electronic stimulation, gua sha, medical massage, Biomat infrared heat treatments, and one of my favorites — Sound Healing. Sound Healing helps to diagnose where the blocks are and adjust accordingly so the Beat of your Life rings in tune again. Do you remember the old record players when the needle on the record got stuck the same part of the song would repeat and repeat? We had to manually re-set the needle so the song could play smoothly. Our bodies are similar to this! Sound can affect our pathology and very gently affect the physiology by influencing blockages on all levels. SOUND IS TO THE NERVOUS SYSTEM AS FOOD IS TO THE BODY.

I am a licensed and Board certified Acupuncturist, and I own and operate the newly opened clinic called Acupuncture on Main in historic St. Charles. If any of this information resonates with you — and you know it right away — then my practice is likely a great fit for you. If you are curious and want to know more, you can do so at www.acupunctureonmain.com. If you’re interested but terrified of needles or don’t know where to start, I offer a free 10 minute consultation to see if and how I could help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Acupuncture on Main, 201 N. Main St., Suite 210, St. Charles, MO 63301, 618-207-8869. www.acupunctureonmain.com