Publisher’s Corner

Joey Is Out Of The Pouch and Into Our Lives

In this crazy, mixed-up world of ours, it calms me greatly to think that life continues to come and go no matter what the news cycle brings. On July 22 at 4:27 pm, Joseph John Hunt V was born to my daughter Stephanie and her husband Joseph John Hunt IV. He weighed in at 8 pounds and was around 21 inches long. His lungs are powerful and he has his father’s ear and his mother’s bump on his bottom lip. Most of all, he’s the reason we keep the faith for humankind. There is a new generation being born every minute. No matter how things seem right now, for good or bad, these are the babies that will become the caretakers of the planet. These children will open their eyes to a world of great challenge and promise. They will decide their children’s fate and so on for as long as we are alive on Mother Earth. I hope for Joey’s sake that when he is my age (68), there will still be clean water, clean air and peace on earth. Given our planet’s history, it could go either way, but he does represent hope. I know Joey will make his life matter. He has already touched the hearts of his family. He has become a part of the Hunt/Lester Clan and that will bring him great joy and as much love as he can handle. His cousin Jackson (whose 6th birthday was July 23) is mesmerized by Joey. He already wants him up and kicking the soccer ball around the yard, giving grandpa (Hopete) a much needed break. Joey was born into Ironworker tradition as he could be the fifth generation to be a proud union man. Or maybe he will be a writer, doctor, fireman or teacher. The possibilities are endless. For now his father John wears an ink footprint on his hand from his son, and his mother Stephanie is feeding the hungry lad. The grandparents are over the moon, which seems appropriate as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. History again was made on July 22, 2019 as Joey came into our lives and will be forever loved. I now have two grandsons. The world just seems perfect right now. Oh, I would like a granddaughter someday, too, and that would make a great foursome for the golf course. I hope I will still be able to swing a golf club in my 80s. If not, I will live vicariously through them. After all, that’s what us grandparents do best, bask in the glory of our grandchildren! And we are basking now!

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Welcome to our world Joey, Love Grampy