Hypnotherapy Class Begins Sept. 13

Boland School of Hypno-therapy is an accredited school, invited to St. Louis, Sept 2019 to certify the next class of Clinical Hypnotherapists!

Boland School of Hypnotherapy is a specialized academic school, accredited through the oldest and largest governing body in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy: The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (est1980).

Hypnotherapy is a supplemental therapy aimed at creating positive mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Rooted in physics, biology, psychology, religion and shamanism, this traveling school is invited to beautiful scenes across our globe to train and certify our next great masters. In our wake, ACHE certified Clinical Hypnotherapists remain in their hometowns across our earth to create and grow their community in balance, as this ancient wisdom is learned, and shared.

Some Modern Applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy include: Pain Relief; Surgery; Anesthesiology; Obstetrics; Gynecology; Dermatology; Ophthalmology; Genitourinary; Oncology; Pediatrics; Orthopedics; Addictions; Dentistry; Goal setting; learning skills, tests, Self Esteem; Stress; Win/Win Business HypnosisTM: Sales Motivation; Public Speaking; Self-Hypnosis; PTSD symptoms; Smoking; Weight; Relaxation; Concentration; Spiritual Connection, & Community Building.

Helen Boland CCHT and founder of Boland School of Hypnotherapy is a mother; an author: “Color Shockers, i mean Chakras”; a tenured public educator; a speaker; the founder of the workshop series, Peace in Process; and member of Sonoma County CA ‘Healers’ Network’, grew up in St. Louis MO and graduated in education from (then) SMSU in Springfield, MO. Noticing connectivity quite young between self and our natural world, plus avidly reading west and east healing traditions, the path of our healing potential became interesting. With the birth of her son and a first certificate in Hypnotherapy, Helen’s work shifted to her private office, research, writing, and Peace in Process. In 2004, this original and organic formal educational forum, introduced ancient masters‘ in Self healing: Mind Body & Spirit (or “the God piece”). Three master teachers taught alongside Helen’s journeys allowing access to understanding the healing potential within us.

The mission of Boland School of Hypnotherapy is to lovingly teach to the highest mastery by offering a strong and healthy foundation to expand expertise, while holding the integrity of this ancient practice. Our goal is to teach our select students to utilize the innate wisdom of their unconscious mind to continue to stay in balance, to heal, learn, and in turn, teach and educate the masses. Peace in process, may the beat continue…

Helen M Boland, CCHT, Founder
For more information and to register for the September 13 level 1 class, please visit online at bolandschoolofhypnotherapy.com.