Epigenetic Signature Mapping Technology: Revolutionary Approach to Creating Your Personalized Superfood that Optimizes Body Function, Performance, and Overall Well-Being

By Michele Heizer

As a busy mom of two boys with nutritional imbalances and deficiencies, I set out to find a solution to ending those doctor visits, tummy aches and poor dietary habits. What I ended up discovering is that we all can use a little help. Can you relate?

In my “spare time” I’ve enjoyed being a visionary and catalyst for change. I enjoy helping others grow to their full potential and obtain the life they dream about! I also stumbled upon a way to have a better quality of life with personalized nutrition, made just for me!

Most of us are discovering there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to health and wellness. Our bodies are all designed differently, so it’s important that we know exactly what our specific body NEEDS. This is very apparent in the health and wellness needs not only of ourselves, but our children as well.

We’ve taken science and whole foods to the next level with personalized nutrition that optimizes your body’s functions, performance, and overall well-being, while also renewing stem cells and aiding in detox and weight loss by understanding how your unique environmentally-impacted gene expression determines the nutritional requirements of your body. As a mom, having a physician or wellness professional that could have guided me along in the process would have been so helpful.

Getting this program in the hands of wellness professionals as an added value to their patients and clients, as well as those interested in helping others, like myself, reach optimal health has truly been incredible. This is the only lifestyle program I have found that is focused on promoting cellular regeneration, weight management (when needed), and complete wellness, utilizing a noninvasive, personalized approach via Epigenetic Signature Mapping Technology.

Our Customized Nutrition Report is a revolutionary approach to creating your personalized Superfood that optimizes body function, performance, and overall well-being by understanding how a person’s unique, environmentally-impacted gene expression determines the nutritional requirements and functions of their body. This detailed custom report provides you with comprehensive data to help you provide the best care possible for your patients, clients, and loved ones.

I’d love to help you regenerate your life and your practice!
Learn more at www.livehealthytogether.com or contact me at michele@regenr8.me!