Blu Room Therapy: Mindscape vs Landscape


By Sara Biermann

Your mindscape is the internal landscape of your mind (your thoughts,beliefs,perceptions.) Your landscape refers to the outward manifestation of the way you think (the people in your life, the experiences you have, common themes that present.)

Take a moment to look at your landscape in this moment. Are you happy with what you see? Ok, let’s say you’d like to change a thing or two about what you are currently experiencing in your life. Now what? If you want a flower bed of Lilys and Tulips you plant Lilys and Tulips right? Same holds true for anything you want to create in your life. You must plant the specific seeds you want to grow. Do your common thoughts and words match up to what you say you desire to see in your life?

This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is not hard, you are already mindful, such as taking your automobile in for oil changes, getting regular dental check ups, signing your children up for Summer camps. You already know how to be mindful so take that off your list of things to someday “learn” how to do. 🙂

It can be challenging to shift habitual thought patterns. Like any routine once you consistently do the same thing, or think the same over and over it becomes a subconscious program that you may not realize is running in the background of your everyday.

Back to your flower bed for a moment. When you look down and see strangle vines growing and the clover flourishing you don’t throw your hands up and yell “I quit! I can’t grow Lilys and Tulips. “ You get mindful and say …”alright, if I want my flowers to grow I must clear away what could interfere with blocking the sun, water and nutrients.” Just like that, you refocus your mind on what you want.

I want the St. Louis area to realize that we have a wonderful tool to support you in designing and nourishing your specific Mindscape right here in Washington MO. It’s called Blu Room Therapy.

The Blu Room is a patented technology that incorporates UVB light, theta sound frequency, and mindfulness to create a healing and peaceful environment that enables the user to drop in a new idea without the analytical mind tearing it apart. Planting seeds in your mind is made easy with the Blu Room because fear and judgements are quieted leaving you empowered to create your desired Mindscape .
Ready to take the red pill? Design your matrix now!

Please visit us to see video of what a Blu Room looks like and more information. BluRoomWellnessCenter.com. 636-432-1731.