Shamanic Energy Medicine

By Holly Schmitt,
Shamanic Energy
Medicine Practitioner

I found myself stepping into a 50,000-year-old lineage of healers. Before counselors, doctors, popes & pastors there were shaman. These shaman have been the healers who, throughout human history, have gathered wisdom & practices; tapping into the energetic wealth of plants, animals, earth & spirit realms to support human healing of mind, body & soul. Luckily many shamanic traditions have survived to the present, including that of the Q’ero from the Andes of Peru.

Having spent extensive time in Peru from the age of 16, I was drawn to the the Q’ero shamanic tradition. I liked the earth & community honoring, egalitarian orientation of this group. They also think long term of the needs of future generations. The Q’ero were able to safeguard their ancient knowledge & practices by remaining in the highest Andes once the Spanish conquistadors & Inquisition arrived in the Americas. They are sharing their medicine ways with the rest of the world as their prophesy foretold the need of their wisdom. We now understand our world requires the highest skills & tools of healing to address our challenges.

After working as a psychotherapist for nearly 4 decades, I know how challenging change creation & acceptance can be. Sometimes talking about pain & outdated beliefs does little to bring relief. I have found shamanic energy medicine to be a gentle & efficient method to bring desired change. These sessions can be used in conjunction with counseling & medical treatments as needed. I now offer individual sessions to assist in clearing limiting or toxic energies & beliefs, as well as inviting clarity, freedom & attunement to one’s authentic self.

*Attention counselors: Due to my psychotherapy licensure rules, I am unable to use shamanic energy medicine with any past / current / future counseling clients. Counselors can refer to me for shamanic sessions any clients who seem stuck and/or need energies removed that are distracting them from their own healthy path. Clients can then return to counseling with you to process more effectively.

In person sessions are preferred, but distance sessions are also available.

For more information please see our website: washingtonhealingartscenter.com, or call me, Holly Schmitt, directly at: 636-239-1117. Calling this number is the best way to set up appointments too. If you are ready to experience this ancient healing method please call. I am honored to offer this service.

My practice location is:
Washington Healing Arts Center
426 E. 5th St., Washington, MO 63090