Dinner In The Garden

By Abby Lapides

Are you searching for ingredients for your next gourmet masterpiece? Look no further than your own back yard with these delectable delights.

‘Balsamic Blooms’ Basil. So gorgeous you’ll be torn whether to eat it or admire its beauty. Prepare yourself to get completely lost in its delicious minty flowers and spicy, sweet leaves. It has completely edible flowers and leaves. The deep purple blooms that resemble cockscomb are simply fabulous, luxurious and edible with a delightful mint flavor. It can be used both as a delicious culinary herb and as an ornamental for containers, landscapes, and gardens. Award winner.

‘Super Dwarf’ Patio Tomato. Want maximum yield but have minimum space, you need ‘Super Dwarf’ Patio Tomato. This wonder brings abundant rich red fruit that bursts with excellent flavor. Super Dwarf Patio Tomato’s fruit ripens to a taste that is rich and complex. Fantastic in salads, sandwiches, salsas, and sliced. As juicy and scrumptious as its big cousins but on dwarf 3-4’ tall plants. Highly recommended for container growing, but also performs superbly in the garden.

‘Mighty Veggies’ Red Bell Pepper – You can expect over-the-top high yields of 4.5” sweet bell peppers that turn green to red when mature with ‘Mighty Veggie Red’ Bell Pepper. Big, beefy bells have thick, meaty walls with sweet flavor and crunchiness, whether harvested green or red. Excellent for salads, stuffing, grilling, stews and gourmet dishes. Developed to produce massive harvests, they are grafted, resulting in 2-4 times more fruit than non-grafted varieties.

‘Baby Cakes’ Blackberry. Easily harvest healthy, organic food right in your own back yard. A sweet little hornless dwarf Blackberry, ‘Baby Cakes’ is perfect for patio pots and small spaces with its compact habit. In spring and early summer bright white flowers appear, followed in summer and fall with large, sweet berries present on the plant in a fireworks-like spray of fruit. Perfect for families with kids or pets as it has no thorns. Pictured.

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