Succulents: Unlike Any Other

By Abby Lapides

You won’t want to take your eyes off these truly one-of-a-kind hardy succulents! Unlike any we’ve ever seen, these long-lived perennials demand all eyes with their unique, flamboyant foliage. They make excellent choices for tucking into rock gardens or dry landscapes, as ground covers in large drifts, or in combination containers with other succulents.

With low-growing, spreading habits these jewels form solid mats of color. They work fantastic at covering slopes or can be planted as ground covers in sunny, dry areas. Hardy succulents thrive in any soil, even rocky, poor, and sandy soil, as long as the soil drains well. They laugh at heat, humidity, and drought. Bunnies and deer won’t touch them, yet bees, butterflies and other pollinators adore them. With low water needs they make terrific easy-care perennials that always look their best. You’ll adore:

Wildfire Sedum. Vibrant ruby-red leaves are edged in neon pink. A vigorous and fantastic grower as an easy-care ground cover in your hottest spots. Pictured.
Atlantis Sedum. Green leaves with wide white borders have scalloped edges as if they were cut with pinking shears. Benefits from afternoon shade.
Dream Dazzler Sedum. Leaves start out vibrant pink, white and purple, then change to purple and blazing hot pink.
Berry Bomb Hen & Chicks. One of the most colorful selections ‘Berry Bomb’ Hen & Chicks brings rich hues and luscious texture to gardens and containers. Its gorgeous rosettes are made up of deep glowing burgundy-red pointy leaves. The leaves soften to pink, green and grey when cooler weather arrives.

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