Natural One Takes A Natural Approach To Lawn Care

By Patrick O’Neal

At Natural One our mission is to provide complete quality and safer alternatives for your lawn care. We believe carbon is the building block of life, we have all heard this phrase stated in many different ways, but the reoccurring truth is without carbon, there is no life, and this includes your landscape. With cutting edge technology and utilizing bi-products that would normally be filling landfills we can work with nature to create safe, healthy lawns of which the neighbors will be envious. Coffee chaff, corn gluten, and biochar products are all a part of our annual program and have been researched and formulated to benefit landscapes. Carbon comes in many different forms, and once in a composted state it is beneficial for many reasons in your turf grass and landscape. Carbon is the main food source and habitat for many microorganisms and with a living soil, nutrients and water can be used more efficiently, soil health becomes reactivated, and the turf will be less stressed and plant disease will be suppressed. Proper soil carbon ratios are affected by mowing, leaf clean up, construction, and many other outside factors. By adding this carbon back into the soil with other types of natural nutrients such as seaweed extracts and coffee bean husks, we can introduce long lasting change for healthy soil and vigorous turf. In addition to carbon, micro and macro nutrients will be utilized to make your yard as healthy as possible. Soil testing is an important facet in our operation; we want to do what is best for you. Soil pH adjustments will be reviewed yearly and are built in to your program. We offer the normal synthetic fertilizer product, but we specialize in a natural approach.

Creating healthy lawns does not happen overnight, but we are committed as long as you are to create the healthiest lawn possible, and minimize the impact we leave.

For more information please contact Natural One Lawn Care at 636-296-5050.