Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis Celebrates 10 Years Of Health Services

By Linda Weber Spradling

We are so grateful for the encouragement and support we have received from our customers and the medical professionals in our community over the last 10 years! What a journey it has been! We are constantly humbled by the courage and wisdom of our patients, many of whom are cancer survivors. Thank you St. Louis!

When I started this journey, most of the people I spoke with had never heard of thermal imaging for medical information. I spent many hours offering educational talks to doctors and their patients alike. I have had the privilege to meet many of St. Louis’s finest chiropractors, naturopaths and other holistic practitioners. Each year we gain the support of more M.D.’s as the awareness spreads. My partners, Kelly Brengle and Darla Schuck, and I attend all continuing education opportunities available through our interpretation partners at the American College of Clinical Thermography. Each year we learn more about special applications, how to use thermal imaging information and general health information. We also offer cold stress thermography, can image an area of interest for specific study, and can even image horses.

Breast cancer screening remains more than half of our business. Thermography offers the opportunity to detect breast cancer 6 years sooner than a mammogram and is very effective on the younger, dense breasts that challenge mammograms. None the less, a mammogram or an ultrasound is necessary for a biopsy to be performed. Often thermography can assist the standard tests and help them not only find the problem areas sooner but also indicate to its specific location. Many of our customers have found that holistic treatments can reverse the early symptoms of disease so that they never need any invasive treatment. As a disease, breast cancer is still growing rapidly. Education and the earliest possible detection are the best chance to save breasts and lives.

Thermography detects inflammation – the precursor to most diseases. It also offers vascular and lymphatic information. Like breast cancer, other diseases can be detected, often before symptoms present themselves. Early detection offers the opportunity to treat with less invasive methods and reverse the progression of disease. We offer full body, half body and breast only screening.

We have two offices in the metro area, Fenton and O’Fallon, Mo. We also travel regularly to Illinois and Missouri locations outside of the metro area.

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