Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Now’s the Time: Secure Your Future

By Tom Braford

Let’s start building out the Arizmendi Draw-down Ecovillage. Let’s have it be net positive in food, power, water, employment and transportation. Let’s recycle all our waste, have it be outrageously green, affordable, beautiful and transformational, a wonderful place to live, work and visit and a huge contribution to the surrounding community.

Let’s make music as we build a green future together. Choose a home and a work opportunity too, if you like. Be part of the team building this and future communities.

Let’s show ourselves, our neighbors and visitors from afar that issues like global warming, economic disparity and racism can become things of the past right here in this place.

Begin visualizing living there by next Earth Day and maybe working there as well. Wouldn’t that be grand?!

Imagine yourself having breakfast at the Blind Venetian Café. You check the community calendar to make sure you won’t miss one of the fabulous local performances. Then you stroll out into the courtyard and climb aboard one of the service rigs with your teammate that lets you conveniently and safely tend the hanging gardens.

Or maybe you meet your friends at the health spa for a dip in the salt water pool, do some weight training or an early climb up the three-story climbing wall in the main courtyard. Maybe you take one of the electric vehicles in the shared fleet to do some business or just make use of one of the electric cabs.

It’s all part of daily living at Arizmendi Ecovillage. Aren’t you glad you jumped in early and reserved that corner unit at the great early bird price and then tried out a range of jobs before choosing one you wanted to co-own one day? Pretty nice to know that your future is secure and that your life is helping to secure civilization and the planet for future generations, isn’t it?

Visit our educational booth at Earth Day in Forest Park on April 27 & 28. We will have fun activities for all ages.

Contact: braford@sbcglobal.net