Cranial Point Method Seminar May 3-5

By Kieran Burke, P.T.

This article is directed to healing arts professionals.

Most patients just want you to treat a symptom. For years, I spent long sessions discussing aches and pains, and then chasing them around the body. My work felt like an ongoing feud with my patients’ bodies and lifestyles.

Then, in 2008, I read an article by Dr. Robert Boyd, D.O., an Irish osteopath, explaining a simple, gentle procedure he used to quickly realign the cranial bones. He pointed out that 80% of the nervous system is above the atlas. So it’s not logical to only treat the other 20%. That made perfect sense to me, so I contacted him that same day and arranged a meeting.

Dr. Boyd taught me his Biocranial procedure and it dramatically changed how I work. There is such a pleasure in doing this type of treatment. You have more energy at the end of the day than you have at the start. It revitalized my patients and my passion for treating them.

For over seven years I worked directly with Dr. Boyd, studying, developing and practicing this procedure. After his death I continued building on his life’s work and developed a new procedure even more advanced than Biocranial.

I call this procedure the CRANIAL POINT METHOD. It works from the inside out, unlike most therapies that work from the outside in. It acts as a trigger that releases the latent energy stored in the cranium. This gets all systems of the body (cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, etc.) working to their optimum balance of harmony. Despite its powerful effect, the procedure is very gentle and relaxing, taking only three minutes to perform.

Once I developed this I knew I had to teach it to therapists all over the world. So I’ve created a three-day seminar and I’m bringing it to the United States for the first time outside of Ireland. Everything taught is based on the understanding that, regardless of symptoms on one side of the body or other, there’s a common factor between them originating at the cranial level.

This three-day seminar for professionals in the healing arts will be held May 3rd to 5th at the Drury Inn and Suites in Brentwood, MO. Presenters will be Kieran Burke, P.T. of Ireland and John Bott, D.C. of St. Louis. To register, go to cranialpoint.com.