Celebrate Earth By Re-engaging With It And Become More Aware Of Your Surroundings

By Jon P. Frieda, MBA

There is much that we can learn from our planet. In fact, our senses are the practical ways by which we interpret the world around us. This body language is integral to our survival as a species on this planet that we call Earth. Consider the amount to which we override our body language on a daily basis and how as a result we are disconnecting from the human experience, the earth and all that it has to offer, to share, and to teach us.
Interested? If so, read on as we highlight and explore the celebration of our wonderful planet from the perspective of body language, specifically visual and auditory.

When was the last time that you cleared your mind and just looked into the sky during the day time or gazed out at the stars at night? Today, most of us are too busy looking down at our smart phones to even notice. This can be seen in the increase of texting related car accidents and even news footage of individuals being severely injured by walking out into oncoming traffic or walking off of electrified train platforms and falling onto the tracks as a result of being entranced by the screen in their hands. Never before in history have people been so numb to their surroundings. This is not a judgement, but simply an observation.

On a macro scale, consider our galactic neighborhood. When you look out into the sky at night, every star that you see is located in just one small section of one of the lenticular arms that make up our spiral galaxy that we call the Milky Way. When you consider the vastness of our planet from our perspective here on its surface, and then consider that our sun is but one star in a galaxy comprised of over 400 billion stars and that the known universe so far is a collection of over 400 billion galaxies, the perspective changes.
On a micro scale, if you listen you will observe that sound is all around us. Sound is vibration. Sound is frequency. Cymatics is the study of sound frequencies in visual form and how sound affects matter. The Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny, who pioneered the study of cymatics, showed that the higher the frequency at which the medium, or matter vibrated, the more complex the generated geometric pattern of the vibrating matter became. In short, there is more, much more than meets the eye.

Termed “new age”, but actually seen and depicted in ancient geometry, cymatic patterns point to the idea that positivity and corresponding feelings of appreciation, care, compassion, gratitude and love vibrate at higher frequencies of sound and light. And negativity, fear, doubt, dread, and overwhelm vibrate at low frequencies and can lead to illness. While more scientific study still needs to be conducted in order to bring this to the mainstream, simply trying through mindfulness and intention to resonate at a higher frequency of consciousness can prove to have quite a dramatic effect on health and wellness, as well as how we perceive the world around us. Think about this from the fractal perspective of our DNA.

The evidence of our world’s intelligent design is all around us and it is fractal in nature. Wikipedia defines a fractal as “a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry. If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern.” In other words, they look the same no matter how large or small they are.

Examine a pinecone, a sunflower, outer and inner parts of a pineapple, the nautilus sea shell, the wings of a dragon fly, the eyes of a common fruit fly, snowflakes, and also the veins that carry blood throughout your body. If you look, the examples are all around us. They all grow according to the same fractal laws. Fractals are amazing for their efficiency and for example, by their design allow plants to maximize their exposure to the sunlight in their leaves and branches and to water in their root systems. The cardiovascular system organizes itself according to fractal geometry in order to best transport oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the human body.

There appears to be a connection between the health and intelligent design of nature in our universe, our planet, our bodies, frequencies and fractal geometric patterns. One scientist, the late Masaru Emoto, theorized that the frequencies of our consciousness, or the vibration of our emotions and how we think, speak and act, can have an effect on the molecular structure of water. Keep in mind that we are made up of a minimum of 60 to 70 percent water, and if Masaru Emoto’s research is correct, consider the effects that our consciousness is having on our bodies and on the world around us.

The concepts covered in this short article are just scratching the surface of the world inside of us, around us on our planet, and beyond. In multiple ancient religious and philosophical texts the concept of “as above, so below” is repeated frequently. Please, open your eyes and ears, put down the electronic devices for a while, and make a conscious intention for a period of time each day to sharpen your senses and reconnect with the world around you. You will be amazed at what wisdom and knowledge it can teach you.

Jon P. Frieda, MBA is the V.P. of Marketing and Sales at Neels Pharmacy and Wellness Center. For more information on health and wellness visit Neels located at #8 Crestwood Executive Center, Crestwood MO 63126.

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