Advanced Laser Therapy Techniques

By Dr. Brian Harasha,
Certified Laser Practitioner

My previous articles discussed very basic information on Laser Therapy and its success with musculoskeletal conditions. This article will delve into more advanced uses.

Advanced Technology
Super Pulsed is the latest laser technology available that allows devices to pulse at speeds up to 100,000 times per second. This pulsing allows high powered lasers to be used therapeutically without the buildup of heat felt in the more commonly used Continuous Wave lasers. These lasers also penetrate much more deeply. Research shows that pulsing at 30,000Hz and higher leads to enhanced gene expression and protein production.
Specific Wavelengths can be used to treat certain tissues selectively. These wavelengths are transparent to the skin, melanin, water, and blood so they reach the target. In addition, research shows that muscles and nerves respond best to 810nm, while bones, joint surfaces and cartilage respond best to 1064nm.

Advanced Techniques
Laser acupuncture uses 21st century technology to quickly and effectively treat acupuncture points without needles.

Sports performance enhancement through activation of mitochondria benefits the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints of athletes without the risks of performance enhancing drugs.

Weight loss is dramatically enhanced when combined with laser acupuncture to benefit the metabolism and control appetite, followed by a nutrition and lifestyle program to keep it off.

Blood irradiation stimulates the blood to enhance oxygenation and immune system function.

Regenerative medicine techniques are enhanced with laser therapy. ‘Prolotherapy’ can be done with very high pulsed lasers performing similarly to the injection of irritants, and stem cell injections gain a 20-40% increase in activity and growth.
Scar tissue is a concern post-surgery and Laser allows healing with healthier tissue.

Other Conditions
Wound and Bone healing are some of the most dramatic examples we see in the office. Old wounds and/or broken bones heal quickly and more completely with Laser. Neuropathy/neuralgia are often caused by compromised blood supply to nerves. Laser restores the blood supply and helps heal the nerves.

Brain disorders like Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s are treated with near infrared light, and super pulsed lasers can safely penetrate the skull and treat the brain without heat buildup.

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