Holistic Health & Fitness To Host Open House Feb. 23-24

Holistic Health & Fitness Reflexology

Knowledge is Power!

Learn Healing Techniques from Holistic Experts
at our Open House in Shrewsbury

By John Schmieder, Holistic Health & Fitness

We’ve recently expanded, and we are growing into one of the largest Holistic Health Centers in the region. We have 16 practitioners ready to help you heal, holistically. We invite you to come to our Open House and see some of these effective healing techniques for yourself and learn how to take control of your health and wellness, holistically!

You will learn about:

Hand Reflexology
Emmanuelle will provide free hand Reflexology from 11-1 both Saturday and Sunday at the open house. Her gentle and intuitive touch is heavenly… and healing.

We will have classes on Nutrition, Naturopathy, Counseling, Doulas, Thermography, Health Coaching with Jackie, and more. For a schedule of class times, visit www.Holifit.com and look under “Events”.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Tour our state-of-the-art colonic rooms, and ask any questions of our therapists — one-on-one interactions with our practitioners allow you to ask any question you like, even if you think it’s embarrassing. (hint — they can talk about ANYthing and they’ve heard it all!)

The Work of Byron Katie
Bryan facilitates many through this powerful process, helping clients move through grief, anxiety, depression, and grudges against friends and family. He will host a mini class explaining the work on Sunday.

Low-Force Chiropractic
Doctor Anne provides adjustments without forcing your body. Her use of an activator provides gentle alignment of the joints. She is also highly intuitive and very experienced with Applied Kinesiology.

EMDR/Trauma Therapy
Jen Volpitto helps many clients move through past traumas with EMDR, a very powerful method of therapy. Jen is booked solid weeks ahead, because clients really value her intuitive methods of therapy.

April from Midwest Thermography has helped many clients with early detection of conditions. Unhealthy patterns can show up as different colors in thermal images. Learn about upcoming dates to have your thermal image taken at Holistic Fitness.

Discount Coupons
As a reward for attending, you will receive discount coupons for future therapies. Book your appointment while at the open house to save even more!

The Open House will be held at Holistic Fitness, 7501 Murdoch Ave., Shrewsbury, MO 63119. Saturday & Sunday, Feb 23 and 24, 10-1pm. Call 314-647-3999 if you have questions. You can also visit our website www.HolisticFitnessSTL.com.