Life is What You Make It, In 2019: Manifesting a New Reality with Consciousness

By Jon P. Frieda, MBA

All things are possible to those who believe. This is what I have gleaned with regard to ancient wisdom teachings. In this new age, we stand at the dawn of the future, and yet the future, being divinely timed with the past and present has just arrived. In sync with our planetary movement through the heavens, we travel great distances through space and time, and yet while we read this, most of us believe that we are sitting or standing still. Now, we must set our intention on what we are going to do with it, and pull that reality into ourselves. Herein lies the inspiration of free will, and the power of consciousness to command the outcome of the reality. Interested? Let us continue dear reader.

From an early age, we develop in the womb, and for everything there is a first time. In this case, the first thing that a developing fetus may become aware of in the womb is the sound of their mother’s heartbeat, and then her breathing. Further along in the studying of this new world, the fetus soon becomes aware of another vibration. That being the voice of the expectant mother, or father speaking into the mother’s belly. The vibration, mind you, is the frequency by which the infant’s brain begins to wire itself. Could it be that that even the first thoughts of consciousness respond to and influence the individual’s future outlook on reality? In short, life is what you make of it.

At Neels Pharmacy we propose that as individuals all of us can and do manifest reality through our thoughts words and actions. In terms of representing the connection of an electrical circuit or the multitude of factors that keep an engine running, in this case the earth, the cumulativeness of the micro and macro intention represents the horsepower, and the energetic resonance directed at the intention amplifies the intensity, voltage and therefore the brilliance or dimness of the planet. The factor then organizes itself from the present exponentially forward, and backward in time and space according to the multitude of vibrations that make up the overall frequency of the greater consciousness, which manifests as our collective reality. Herein lies the individual, or the voice in your mind that is navigating everything around transposing it into a personal reality. This may be referred to as the illusion that our individual minds perceive as true. In other words, what we believe. Remember that.

From an early age at home and at school we acclimate to our surroundings according to vibrations representing expectations, or rules. It is at this time that the still developing mind begins to see the innate vibration that many of us adults can nary recall. The unconditional happiness of a child.

For those who are passionate, there are no obstacles. For example, consider a time growing up when you remember that you felt truly passionate about something. Maybe a memory of creatively visualizing and adlibbing a story board, in the back seat buckled in to your father’s vehicle at 7:45 am on Saturday morning heading to soccer practice in first grade? Now close your eyes and visualize that. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a comfortable count of five, and exhale out through your mouth. What is your first reaction to the past reality that you experienced? Did you smile? Did you begin to feel tears of joy rising up from the feeling in your heart?

I remember wanting to start a comic book company with my best friend in 4th grade. We were going to call it Crystal Comic Book Company. We planned to illustrate and write adventure stories about human heroes who operated in a reality in which service to others and making a difference in the world individually and on the whole, would steer the future of this planet in the more positive direction. Via free will and the will to survive, the primordial instinct of stress, otherwise known as the fight or flight mechanism or the self-ego, begins to give way to conditions determining happiness.

Synapse energy, or the biological process by which the brain programs itself in real time, on a nano-scale, is the physical manifestation of who we are energetically as a whole individual at the present and in the future. This also speaks profoundly of our energetic potential to manifest not only our individual reality, through our thoughts words and actions, but also the raising or lowering of the physical and metaphysical energy potential of humanity and this planet. The things that we direct our attention to are the things that grow. This takes place on a fractal level.

We are all time travelers. On our own timeline, we accumulate a residue. We become a reflection, collection and consequence of our thoughts, words and actions as we move forward into the future. Factoring in finally the truth, that while there are no doubt universal rules or laws, there is an infinite potential of free will exceptions. The higher the percentage of your past that is weaved with unresolved emotional trauma, the stronger will be its influence on the potential of how you manifest your reality, and determining in divine time what your future will look like. Don’t ever give away or forget your power.
God, the universe, whichever vibration you are most comfortable referring to it, is in everyone and everything. We are the God Force. Our souls are pure energy. We have the power to vibrate our past with forgiveness from the future. It is here, in an instant, that we begin to eliminate the voices in our head, until all that we hear internally is our true self. It is here, in the light of love, which is the vibration of the universe, that our hearts will mend and we may begin to truly know ourselves.

If you are interested in expanding on or exploring the information presented here, reach out to us at Neels Pharmacy in 2019. Remember, we are all worth it. Take the time to paint the brush strokes of the picture that you wish to create and you will be well on your way to manifesting a more abundant reality; such that you again feel the childhood memory of unconditional happiness, also known as gratitude, in every thought, word and action that you make moving forward. If this sounds good to you, come in and visit with us in 2019. It is your life. What are you going to make of it?

Jon P. Frieda, MBA, is the vice president of marketing and sales for Neels Pharmacy. Please visit Neels Pharmacy at #8 Crestwood Executive Center, 63126 or call them at 314-849-3123.