Counsel of Trees

Nature Wisdom
With Pat Tuholske; Naturalist

Rejuvenate yourself with a crisp walk in the early winter woods. As tree leaves blanket your path, awaken and fill all your senses. Ambling along a forest trail feeds the heart and soul. Be with a tree. Lean your back against its bark for a while. Be patient. Quiet your mind. Merge your awareness with the tree. Listen.

We can learn significant life lessons from trees. Acknowledging the mature trees in your neighborhood can bring peace on a hectic day. A tree’s strength brings a sense of grounding and stability to all who enter its aura.

Large trees are absolutely essential the well-being of Earth and all beings. They are the skin of the Earth, covering and protecting. With climate change upon us, it is more vital than ever to protect and care for trees. We share the world with the great forest. We are kin.

Plant a tree seed, protect it, tend it, watch it grow into a mighty tree and learn what it has to teach you. Each tree has a gift to share if we only open to receive it.

Some of the qualities of the teaching and healing trees I work with when weaving my tree Council wreaths:

  • Acorns – contains the energy of the oak for strength, stability, wisdom.
  • Birch – help in transitions, new beginnings and rebirth. To cleanse and renew.
  • Buckeye – brings good fortune, contentment, happiness, hope and prosperity.
  • Honey Locust – fate and destiny.
  • Linden – a portal to elemental wisdom and creativity.
  • Pine – for appreciation of the spirits in Nature. Brings deep sense of peace.
  • Poplar – ability to resist, to shield and to endure.
  • Spruce – for resilience and perseverance.
  • Sumac – links your inner and outer worlds. Helps focus on goals.
  • Walnut – teaches clarity and focus, wise use of mental gifts.
  • Willow – flexibility, gracefully adjust to change. Adapt and thrive. Continued growth.
  • Witch Hazel – for divination and safekeeping.
  • Radiating wholeness, trees are secure in their purpose. During this age of hurry and speed, they counsel us with patience, serenity, strength and deep intelligence.

Trees fully inhabit their space, living out their destiny in city parks and national forests, along interstates and city blocks. We can learn much by befriending trees. Trees represent the cycle of the seasons and the web of life.

Our long ago ancestors placed twig wreaths or bundles gathered in nearby woods and meadows on the door to identify their dwelling. Honor this ancient tradition and enhance your home with the trees most connected to your essence.

Collect a bundle of twigs, cones, acorns and nuts. Arrange on your desk, altar or hang on your door like our ancestors. Creating space for Nature leads us to a richer life. Trees can be sage counselors and faithful friends.

We need trees. Consider the books you read, the home you occupy, the junk in your mail, the furniture you buy. We consume trees so it completes the circle when we give back in gratitude and acknowledge all they give us.

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