Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: The Ultimate Drawdown Conveyance Machine

By Tom Braford

Would you be willing to give up your gas guzzler, gas sipper or even your coal-fired electric car if you could drive or be driven around in the ultimate Drawdown vehicle?

If you thought living a Drawdown lifestyle meant going back to the Stone Age and giving up all your creature comforts, think again. Thank BMW and Irresistible Ecovillage Solutions for that.

What if the ultimate driving machine, combined with the rest of the Irresistible Ecovillage Solutions lifestyle, could give you a complete Drawdown experience? We are out to create a whole network of Irresistible Ecovillages in the area, so you will never need to rely on another fossil fuel derived electron.

If you are a student of Drawdown, you know, however, that there is more to Drawdown housing and transportation than just lowering your carbon footprint. Building with renewable energy, reusing embedded energy and recycling going forward complete the Drawdown equation.

Another reason that a fleet of e-BMWs in Irresistible Ecovillages would be the ultimate Drawdown housing/transportation combo is because our communities consider embedded energy and 100% recycling in their crafting.

We recycle buildings and materials whenever possible in our initial build-out and future alterations, we consider the source of all energy and materials used in buildout, building components and manufacture of components and we commit to recycling all future waste.

The same is true at BMW North America where most of assembly and some manufacturing of parts is accomplished with 100% renewable energy, mainly hydroelectric, and the car bodies are 100% recyclable, strong, durable and lightweight carbon fiber. What’s not to like about that?

How could anyone ever afford that? The answer is that many people can’t as individuals, but as communities, maybe we could.

So, whether you’re committed to only walking and riding your bicycle until you drop or if wouldn’t mind riding around on electrons once in a while, let’s talk. If you think you might be interested in being part of an e-taxi co-op or owning and occasionally renting out one of these ultimate Drawdown conveyance machines, let us know.

Contact: braford@sbcglobal.net