Live A Life Of Vitality, Health and Wholeness

By Dr. Gail Cloud

As a Chiropractor, astrologer, and family systems facilitator, I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to guide my clients and patients towards living lives of vitality, health and wholeness.

As a chiropractor, I act as an interpreter, so my patients can listen to, understand and integrate what their bodies are saying to them.
As a facilitator in the Family Constellation work and Family Systems work, and as a life coach, I assist my clients towards knowing who they are and being who they are in the world, always connected to their families and their communities, and yet separate from them.

As an astrologer, I blend into my work the knowledge of how our family dynamics impact us, as well as the effects of trauma on us, our lives, our health and our wholeness. With gentleness, love, and intuitiveness, I actively engage with my clients to help them to know who they are, give them the confidence to be who they are, and guide them to adjust their souls to be aligned with their true selves.
I intertwine medical astrology with the health aspects shown in my clients’ natal charts and guide them to more vibrant health as well as a greater understanding of their selves in general.

This fall and winter beginning Sunday September 23rd, I am offering a series of astrology classes. In these classes, we will explore the language and world of astrology through the signs and symbols that characterize our lives on an ancestral, psychological and evolving level.

At the end of these four classes you will:

  • Make sense of the symbols in your astrological chart.
  • Be able to look at your chart and those of friends and family and be able to understand and accept yourself and them on a higher level.
  • Be able to find more balance in yourself and your life by balancing your inherent elemental distribution.
  • Have a greater understanding of your deep moving wounds and how to work with them, so they work for you and become your greatest healer ultimately
  • Have a greater understanding of what your life purpose is.
  • See different aspects in your own life in the present time and how you might be affected by and helped through the knowledge of the transiting planets and how they touch you personally.
  • Have a greater sense of what you are stretching to do in this life, and how your soul can continue to grow and thrive.

First Class: Sunday, September 23rd from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Where: Elements of Wellness, 1561 N. Warson, 63132. Remaining 3 dates are to be determined, but they will be on Sundays.

For more information or to Register go to www.BodyPresencing.com or call 314-995-9755.