Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents Drawdown Community: Mission, Mandate and Measures

By Tom Braford

When campaigns prove to be hugely popular or surprisingly successful in the face of powerful opposition, they are said to have a mandate to be consistent in fulfilling on the mission that they have laid out.

At Arizmendi and CoLibri Ecovillages, our mission is to bring abundance to St. Louis, civilization and the planet by demonstrating that it is possible to end global warming and lots of other seemingly endemic challenges, like social fragmentation, peak everything, economic uncertainty, environmental degradation and racism, one Drawdown Community at a time, by bringing life and bringing it more abundantly.

It is mostly about increasing photosynthesis and sequestering and short cycling carbon while doing everything as efficiently and synergistically as possible.

As we move forward in creating every aspect of these communities, therefore, it is incumbent on us to continue to predict and then tune by choosing policies and programs and finding people and products that will most likely give us the results we are looking for, and then to continue to measure the results and make adjustments along the way.
From a design perspective, this means utilizing iterative, integral and empathic design practices, and incorporating these in how we build and maintain the communities.

As a start, we have chosen Sociocracy as a method of distributed dynamic governance. This is a proven method for achieving both Equivalence and Effective-ness. It lets everyone who chooses to join us as a Drawdown pioneer to continuously true their choice up with the aims of the circles they join and the overall Drawdown mission of abundance. Short feedback loops are a key element. We make a plan, we carry it out and we evaluate what we can learn.

As we move forward, we are leaving any assumptions of lack in the rubbish bin of history and are assuming only abundance!
Come learn more and see how you might participate at our monthly potluck and music fest at 5pm on Saturday, September 15.

Please visit our booth at the Healthy Planet Expo between 10:00 and 4:00 on Sunday, September 30.

Contact: braford@sbcglobal.net