Schlafly Partners With National Forest Foundation Farmers Market Opens Mid-April

Schlafly beer is highlighting its ongoing support of all things sustainable this spring. In addition to using 100% renewable energy, being a leader in St. Louis’ composting program, supporting local farmers, growing their own produce in their urban garden, and having two Green Dining Alliance approved restaurants, Schlafly will partner with a national organization that’s striving to make the world a better place.

Schlafly will now be partnering with the National Forest Foundation to help promote the importance of our forests and waterways across the country. Throughout the summer, Schlafly will be working with the National Forest Foundation to sponsor stream cleans across the country. The folks at Schlafly understand the water is one of the most crucial components in brewing beer, and by partnering with the National Forest Foundation they’ll be able to help maintain and improve the water quality from near to far.

Every time you pick up a pack of Schlafly, or order one across the bar, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the National Forest Foundation’s cause. Whether it’s supporting local farmers at Schlafly’s farmers market (opening Wednesdays in mid- April from 4:00 pm -7:00 pm, and continuing every Wednesday through the fall), or showing off your love for our gorgeous forests and watersheds, Schlafly consistently finds ways to help you do your part, and have a pint along the way.

For more information, please visit Schlafly.com.