Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Schram

What Calcium To Take?
What About Rescue Remedy?

Q: I am a 55 year old woman in good health. I believe I should be taking calcium but I am so confused as to which type of calcium to take. What is recommended?
A: Women over the age of 50 should be adding 1,000 – 1,200 mg of calcium to their daily diet. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is not just beneficial for bones and teeth. It is also helpful for muscular contraction, nerves and other body processes.
There are many forms of calcium, some much better absorbed than others. I will list some different forms and their absorption rates:

  • Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite (MCHC) – 90-95%
  • Citrate, Chelate and Aspartate – 70-85%
  • Ascorbate – 50%
  • Lactate – 20-35%
  • Carbonate – 5-9%. This is the most common form of calcium but the least absorbed. You would need to take 16 bottles per month in order to absorb 1,000 mg per day. Pretty shocking.

Magnesium and Vitamin D are also necessary for your calcium to be absorbed. You need half magnesium as calcium (example: if you are taking 1,200 mg of calcium, you will need 600 mg of magnesium). At least 400 IU’s of Vitamin D are needed.
Obviously, the better absorbed calciums will be more expensive, but remember, you do get what you pay for. Don’t waste your money on the inexpensive calcium carbonate types.

Q: A friend of mine suggested that I take Rescue Remedy because I am always nervous about everything. What is it and what will it do for me?
A: Rescue Remedy is a blend of flower essences that can restore peace of mind and emotional balance. It is believed that if your emotional balance is correct, your body’s natural ability to throw off illness can be strengthened. Rescue Remedy can be taken any time you feel stressed or anxious, including an argument, accident, before public speaking, taking an exam, loss of a loved one, fear of something or even a visit to the dentist or doctor. This works strictly on an emotional level and is considered safe for everyone, even children and pets. There are no side effects and will not interfere with any other form of treatment or medication.

This herb information is for health education purposes only. It is not intended to replace the services of licensed health practitioners. Consult with a physician for any condition that requires professional care.

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