Who’s Your Health Ally?

Jamila Ownes-Todd, ND

By Jamila Ownes-Todd, ND

I am excited to see the continuous growth of holistic practitioners in St. Louis. I am also honored to be apart of this community. As new technologies increase and ancient herbs are revisited, along with modifications on a healthful eating plan; it is refreshing. It is refreshing to see how holistic medicine is ever evolving. As we explore our own personal healing journeys, we are often burdened with many choices. There is the conundrum of not finding a holistic practitioner in your area to having many modalities to apply in your health. Today, I may choose acupuncture and tomorrow, I will use Ortho-bionomy. Within the last few months, I have floated, mindfully meditated, energetically tapped and performed a modified keto cleanse. I am excited to try the Feldenkrais method and to explore Qoya.

With these many modalities, I have to find a link. Someone, to connect it all for me. That link is my Health Ally. This is the person that I designate to encourage the balance, of even these, awesome modalities. A Health Ally is someone who not only provides a service yet, can be honest, if, and when it is time to move on to another protocol. I truly believe that our bodies are intelligent enough to heal any ailment. I am also aware that life happens, and life can muddy that intelligence. I know what stress feels like and in the midst of it, I can not always consider my day, let alone a meal or exercise routine or healing modality. This is where I seek out an Ally. Someone, who will offer support during a time of need.

Your number one ally is your body and your number two ally is someone who challenges you to listen to your body. There is no doing it for you. Your Ally is not your friend who encourages the easy path, but your advocate who supports the sustainable road. As busy schedules grow even busier, we can lose perspective. Allowing intuition to flow will allow an increased trust in self. If I can trust me, then I trust the healers to guide me.

Trusting a healer, is never a “blind trust”, yet a gentle nudge and a humble suggestion. I have been fortunate to find resources and to work with healers that provide clear, precise support. I truly wish the same for you. As I serve as a Health Ally for many, I am always seeking to be in service to you in your healing. I am also, comforted, by the many options available and ask that you find the best healer, beyond yourself, to honor your path.

Yours in healing, Jamila
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