Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

TJ Williams, DC, PhD

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

I love the holidays. It’s a time when we have the incredible opportunity to gather together with our friends and loved ones. However, if we’re not careful, the holidays can also mean a time of unwanted weight gain, stress, and illness. Luckily, we have some tips to help you avoid these pitfalls.

Weight Gain:
Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy yourself during the holidays and not gain any extra weight!! If you’re attending an event, eat a high-protein snack before you get there. High protein snacks will help you feel fuller longer than foods high in carbohydrates. You’ll make more objective choices about what you’re eating when you don’t have an empty stomach. If you’re hosting an event, take some time to plan a healthier menu instead of typical holiday foods. Also remember that liquid calories count just as much as the ones you eat. Avoid holiday cocktails with heavy cream and sweetened mixes.

However, the biggest secret to avoiding unwanted weight gain during the holidays may be something you haven’t heard of. Ever wonder how some people seem to eat and drink whatever they want, but still manage not to gain weight? We know a lot of those people because they are frequently in our clinic getting lipotropic (fat burning) shots. These shots contain a high dose of essential nutrients that enable you to burn fat more effectively. A lipotropic nutrient is what is used in the body to promote, encourage, and support the removal of fat from the liver. It also aids in ensuring that excess fat gets burned off for fuel and energy instead of being stored away. This allows you to burn off existing fat stores as well as the fats and sugars consumed today. So, while it is still important to be mindful of what you are putting in your body, our lipotropic shots are a great preventive measure in case you get off track during the holiday season. We also offer lipotropic IVs for those of you who are looking for something even more effective.

Holiday stress is virtually unavoidable, so finding ways to manage and counteract this stress is critical to your wellbeing. Meditation and yoga are great ways to help you relax and manage your stress. Also, trim your to-do list where possible. Many of us have a list full of things that could be dropped or delegated. And, no matter how busy you are, try to take at least thirty minutes each day for yourself. Go for a walk, read a book, talk to a friend, and, when possible, stop in our clinic for a vitamin B12 shot. A B12 shot takes just a minute and offers tremendous benefits, including reducing stress, increasing energy, and improving mood.

It is an unfortunate fact that the holidays coincide with cold and flu season. And nothing can ruin your holiday plans faster than an illness. That’s why it is so important to boost your immune system and a vitamin infusion is the easiest way to do that. During this time of year, most of us are eating less nutrient dense food, dealing with stress, and coming into contact with others who are sick. All of this means that our best laid holiday plans could come to a screeching halt if we’re not proactive. An IV vitamin drip allows for 100% absorption of the nutrients you need instead of the 10-20% absorption you get when taking supplements by mouth because the digestive system is completely bypassed. This means that your gut doesn’t have to do the work of breaking down food into its constituent vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids and your small intestine doesn’t have to pass them through its walls. Mega-doses of the nutrients you need to stay healthy are delivered right where they need to go, allowing for an immediate effect.

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