I’ve Tried Everything for My Back Pain — What Next?

By Paul Hyland, D.C., B.E.S., B.S., L.M.T.

Chronic back pain is disrupting my life. I’m missing work, having problems walking and lifting. I’m really not enjoying life. Over the counter pain pills take an edge off or do nothing at all for my pain. My medical doctor prescribed medications, but they make me loopy and limit my ability to focus. I’m worried about becoming addicted to them. Injections and surgery failed to bring me relief. Physical therapy seemed to help, yet the pain never fully went away. My doctors tell me there is nothing else to do for my pain. I’ve tried everything!! What next???

It seems like you’ve tried every treatment on the planet and you still suffer from back pain. It’s time to explore chiropractic care.

As a Chiropractic Physician, I look for the cause of the problem, while over-the-counter medication, prescriptions and injections target the sensation of pain instead of removing the cause. Doing surgery attempts to cut out the problem, often failing. Taking a pill for relief does in no way return normal motion and alignment to the spine. It would be like airing up your tires to fix the car’s alignment. Drives softer, yet still pulls.

Studies show that chiropractic care is the most successful form of healthcare for musculoskeletal problems. Chiropractic adjustments realign the spine, releasing pressure off your nerves, so you may function at your optimum. In our office we do a consultation and exam to ascertain what the problem is and what caused it. Just treating the resulting pain without finding the cause can delay relief resulting in more visits. So, why would you try chiropractic care last?

Treatments quite often include adjustments and/or therapies like muscle stimulation, traction/decompression, cold/deep tissue laser, massage therapy, home exercises, ultrasound, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), kinesio taping, etc.

Pain relief is not always instant for certain acute (newer) and chronic (prolonged) conditions. Each visit builds on the last. Spacing visits too far apart can allow the symptoms to return. Timing is important. Reinforce the treatment/relief between visits soon enough and the problem goes away faster. An adjustment can make you sore, like when you went to the gym for the first time. Something was moved that was not used to moving or was in a wrong position too long so you can be sore for a day or so.

Every Chiropractic Physician has a different background and approach to caring for your back. So, bring us your questions and concerns. Let us help you attain and maintain a more active lifestyle. Call for your appointment at (314)542-2003 or visit us at: www.committedtohealth.us Most insurance accepted.