Lifesaving Emergency Kits Available To St. Louisans At No Charge

In response to National Preparedness Month and the devastation of Hurricanes Andrew and Irma, Bethesda Health Group has begun a life-saving initiative providing key medical information to first responders in case of an emergency. Having this data available has saved countless lives in the US. Non-profit Bethesda is now providing free Emergency Medical Information kits to the Metro area. Bethesda is the leading senior living, care and services organization that has been dedicated to senior safety for 128 years.

Bethesda’s Emergency Information kits provide first responders with the most essential information including patient data, medications, allergies, emergency and family contacts, physicians, medical history and more. The kit is endorsed by the American Red Cross, Abbott EMS, Gateway Ambulance, Ladue Police Department, Creve Coeur Fire District, Mehlville Fire District and many others. The kit is fully self-contained and designed for placement in the freezer, where emergency personnel are trained to look. It includes a secure freezer-safe pouch, medical forms and a refrigerator magnet to alert responders and EMTs that the kit is inside. The consequence of not having the information can mean life or death to a parent or loved one. Bethesda is making these kits available to the public at no cost or obligation as a community service at www.BethesdaHealth.org/safety. Bethesda will provide new forms for updating the information.

For more info call 314-800-1908 or email jrwaldman@bethesdahealth.org. Even if it saves just one life, it will have been worth the effort to produce the free Emergency Information Kit for seniors and residents throughout St. Louis and the Metro East.