Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Can Community Eclipse Global Warming?

By Tom Braford

I have an invitation for you. But first, a relevant quote from well-known, big issues author, Alex Steffen:
“Optimism is a political act. Those who benefit from the status quo are perfectly happy for us to think nothing is going to get any better. In fact, these days, cynicism is obedience. And what’s really radical is being willing to look directly at the magnitude and difficulty of problems that we face, and still insist that we can solve those problems.”

Thank you for being a buoyant optimist in a sea of resignation and cynicism. Thank you for not just reaching for the sky to surrender!

Now, for the invitation: Moonshadow, Moonshadow! What we learn from eclipses is that it all depends on alignment, so we invite you to join us at Boon’s Camp Commons to view the eclipse and to create alignment in both playful and practical ways.

Solar and lunar eclipses are the most powerful and dramatic, real world examples of what’s not only possible but absolutely predictable when we perfectly align ourselves in space and time with scientific, natural and divine laws.

We will learn together how we can be pioneers in employing these universal laws to totally eclipse global warming and lots of other seemingly endemic challenges at a meeting at Boon’s Camp Commons Ecovillage on August 21st. In fact, our most famous American pioneer, Daniel Boone, probably experienced a relatively similar, auspicious event on June 16, 1806 while camped at this very spot.

Events being planned for the days before the eclipse include Eclipse Global Warming bike rides from St. Louis and other spots along the Katy Trail, Drawdown Saturday with sharing about how community can get us to 0° global warming, people dressed in 1806 eclipse attire, fun, food, music and dancing and maybe even a visit from a circuit-riding preacher for a sermon with an eclipse theme on Sunday.

To learn how you can participate and to register for any of the events, check out our website, www.ArizmendiEcovillage.com.
Questions: contact braford@sbcglobal.net.