Why Have Thermal Imaging?

By Linda Spradling, owner
Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis

Thermographic breast health screening offers an opportunity to help women identify and reverse unhealthy breast imbalances before those imbalances develop to the point of needing risky surgery and toxic radiation. In other words, an opportunity not just to survive but to also save the breast tissue.

One misconception about thermal imaging is that it replaces mammography. Thermography does not replace mammography. They play completely different roles in assessing breast health.

Mammography utilizes a process that “sees” lumps, whether those lumps are simple fatty cysts, calcifications or malignancies.

Thermography “sees” inflammation, vascular activity, hormone imbalance, lymphatic activity and more. Breast cancer has the potential to affect all of these processes in the body. In short, Thermography is a test of physiology. Mammography is a structure test.
Both offer different yet valuable breast health information. Thermography can help mammography locate a developing problem. Neither test is 100% effective in detecting malignancies.

Why get this additional information if my insurance will not pay for it?
Thermography is safe and effective for women of all ages, whereas mammograms are typically not very effective with younger women. Unfortunately, the statistics for young women getting breast cancer is rising. Thermography detects inflammatory breast cancer.

The beauty of thermography is that it has the potential to detect breast cancer development in its earliest stages- which provides the opportunity for preventive alternative treatments to be implemented with a greater likelihood of reversing the potential danger.

If both tests are used regularly, the chances of early detection increase to almost 100%.
Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis has been offering this valuable test since 2009 in the St. Louis area. We have locations in Fenton, Mo., O’Fallon, Mo. and we also travel to locations surrounding the metro St. Louis area.

We offer breast, region of interest, half and full body screening for men and women at all locations. We also offer equine screenings.

All disease starts with inflammation. If you monitor the inflammation in your body over time, you have the earliest opportunity to address any dysfunction, often before symptoms begin.

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