You May Be Blind To One Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money

Kimberly Schneider

Samantha St. Julian, Ph.D.

TeleSeminar & Workshop Explains Why

By Samantha St. Julian, Ph.D. & Kimberly Schneider, LPC

If you had a sensing mechanism that was as powerful as sight in its ability to give you information, wouldn’t you want to use it every day? Wouldn’t you rely on it to make decisions about relationships, health, money and life? You DO have that sensing mechanism. It’s called intuition.

Intuition holds the potential to put you in the right place at the right time, to amplify your luck, to bring people together through synchronicity and timing. It also has the knack of knowing when, what and who to trust. For example, it can urge you to turn left at the stop sign instead of taking your usual right. This choice takes you down a road of cause and effect that leads you to meet the right person who is instrumental in helping you quantum leap right into where you want to be!

Intuition is also a powerful tool to use in business. However, many business owners don’t cultivate intuition or use it in a conscious way. This is often true even of those who have a business dedicated to helping or healing others, like professionals in private practice.
Failure to utilize the full potential of their intuitive abilities is just one of the mistakes we see professionals make. And whether you’re a psychotherapist, an attorney or an energy healer, those mistakes can be expensive. We’ve spent decades coaching people around money and business issues. Now we’re offering two programs designed to help professionals attract ideal clients and create prosperous practices. First, we’re offering a Complimentary TeleSeminar on the 15 Mistakes Solo Practitioners Make that Cost Them Clients and Money. Then in May we’re facilitating a workshop on Marketing with Heart and Soul.

At the Complimentary Tele-Seminar, we’ll reveal:
• One horrible piece of
marketing advice new
practitioners hear that is dead wrong.
• The 5 most important things to understand
about attracting ideal clients.
• The key to falling in love with the business side
of your practice.
• Why you don’t need to join an insurance panel
to get new clients.
• 15 things you are probably doing (consciously or
unconsciously) that push clients and money away.

We’ll also do an energy clearing exercise and give you a sneak preview of our upcoming workshop: Marketing with Heart and Soul: Filling Your Practice While Staying True to Your Values. You can register for the Free TeleSeminar and also find out about the workshop at www.KimberlySchneider.com/Events.

Samantha St. Julian, Ph.D., M.Ed., is the creator of Synergia Healing Arts. She has worked as an intuitive for individual and corporate clients for over 30 years. Kimberly Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC, author of Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic and Miracles, is a performance poet who teaches Mindful Communication at Washington University-St. Louis, facilitates leadership training and offers Portal to Your Possible coaching.