The New Environment

By the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 31 May 2014

When the Masters begin Their historic return to the everyday world, They will find much to do to enable Them to function adequately in the new environment. As many know, telepathy is Their normal mode of communication but, working with men, They will have to learn again the long-discarded human speech. Many of your Elder Brothers are already hard at work on problems of physical plane activity. In this way, a greater degree of trust and facility of work will be engendered.

Furthermore, many Masters have had little or no direct contact with humanity for centuries and so will find the situation and mode of working altogether new. Of course, most Masters are very adaptable and quick to learn but inevitably some will find the unfamiliar experience of working on the outer planes taxing indeed.

For many years now, certain Masters have trained a large group of disciples in the difficult work of implementing the plans, political and economic, of the new civilization. These trained men and women, chosen by democratic vote, will make concrete and real the plans of the more senior members of the Hierarchy. Thus will the reconstruction of the world go forward smoothly, as the people’s needs are recognized and accepted. The task of reconstruction is vast, offering men a field of service like never before. Countless millions living in poverty and want must be the first to receive a crash programme of aid on a scale never yet attempted.

Gradually our gigantic cities will give way to smaller ones with an abundance of gardens and parks. The ugly slums of today will be replaced by varied areas of stimulus and rest. One of the obvious differences will be the absence of pollution and smog. In town and country fresh air will be truly fresh. Travel will be fast and silent and the longest journeys short and pleasurable. Fatigue will disappear.

Obviously all of this will take time to implement but step by step the search for beauty will become the keynote of our existence. Free, unlimited energy, owned by all and shared by all, will guarantee this transformation. Thus will the New Age be heralded, calling all men to give of their best in service to the Plan.

This article, published in Share International magazine, was written by a Master of Wisdom. The Masters, headed by Maitreya, the World Teacher, are highly advanced teachers and advisors of humanity who are planning to work openly in the world very soon. www.share-international.org.