Publisher’s Corner: Embrace Our Tossed Salad

As the crocus and daffodils begin to bloom in the early spring weather, I am as excited as many people that Old Man Winter may have gone back to sleep. And even though we get some of our largest snowfalls in St. Louis during March, the passing of seasons reflects our need for change. I was talking with one of my daughters the other day about how different people are. And with NASA discovering another star with earth-like planets recently, it brings to mind the possibilities of even more diversity in the universe. Here on Earth we have so many unique human beings tossed together like a tossed salad of the gene pool. When I drive around I am amazed at all the cars on the road being driven by people of all kinds. Why are there not more accidents I think to myself as all sorts of careless drivers perform their feats of vehicular magic – escaping harm with a flick of the wrist. Inside these cars and trucks are all types of people. With all sorts of backgrounds, jobs, incomes, families, religions, politics, etc. All of what they are made of and believe has been formed by a number of elements including simple likes and dislikes. We can all be judgmental, admit it. How many times have you walked down the street and said, “why doesn’t he pull up his pants. Does he think that really looks good.?” Or “I can’t believe they painted their house that color.” We all have our favorites and often they are not enjoyed by all. My daughters will not eat meat loaf. Who doesn’t like meat loaf? I grew up on meat loaf and macaroni and cheese. Okay throw in some roasted green beans, too. I understand vegetarians might not eat meat loaf but they have other reasons than, “Ugh, not meat loaf.” And why do people wear those silly colored glasses. It makes them look like cartoon characters? And who drives a bright yellow car? It looks like something from a Crayola box. Yes, we are all unique. Someone once said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So true. We put our old water heater out on the curb last week and sure enough someone put it in the back of their pick-up truck. Makes me feel good that it didn’t end up in the landfill. I knew someone would take it. Because we are all unique. We look for different things to enjoy, to live for, to aspire to be. Most of us just want to be happy. To live a life of security and fulfillment. Our country was founded by immigrants. Whether it was the ancestors of American Indians coming across the land bridge from Asia, the English escaping religious persecution or Africans brought to this country as slaves. We all got here one way or another. The USA is one heck of a tossed salad. We need to take some time and ask ourselves why we are the “best” country on Earth. A salad with just lettuce would be pretty boring and bland. Throw in a tomato, a cucumber, some sunflower seeds, black olives, carrots, avocado, and some blue cheese crumbles and you have yourself a tossed salad worth enjoying. And once in a while you get a rotten tomato. But you don’t stop eating salads. Our lives are better because of our diversity, not despite it. Politically our country is divided and has been for some time. Some people don’t even like tomatoes. I don’t get it, but that’s just fine with me. I don’t like curry or spiced beer. But I don’t have people hating on me for it. Everyone should watch what they eat. We all like different things but it’s not a reason to take salads off the menu. This analogy has made me hungry. I’m in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese?
See you at the Expo April 2, JB Lester, Publisher