Go Behind the Scenes of the Missouri Botanical Garden at the Science and Sustainability Open House

Join us during the last weekend of February (25-26) as two of the Garden’s rarely seen areas will be open to the public from 1 to 4 pm each day. Get a closer look at what Garden botanists do behind the scenes at the Monsanto Research Center. Meet our scientists and learn how they explore, collect, and study plants. Visit one of the largest herbarium collections in the world, with specimens gathered from around the globe and dating back to the 1700s. View rare, classical, and illustrated botanical texts, some over 400 years old and still used today.

Head to the Garden’s EarthWays Center to find out how you can benefit from what the Garden does for Community Sustainability. Meet the team that educates and connects people to what they can do to protect and restore air, water and soil so that plants and people can thrive. Get tips on building energy efficiency, waste reduction and rainscaping. Learn about the dozens of programs the Garden’s sustainability team coordinates in the community and the environmental education classes for students and adults.

The two locations are across the street from each other. You can park at the Garden or at either of the two sites–then walk to both places. Both events are free and open to the public. For more, visit www.mobot.org/events.