Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske,

From Evil Eye To Blessed Eye

The belief that you can be cursed by the Evil Eye exists in nearly every culture in the world. Countless talismans to protect against it include salt spread on threshold, horse shoe hung above the door, anointing with oil, evil eye trinkets, mirrors, smudging, ritual cord braiding, prayer and positive affirmations.

And, if we are honest with ourselves, we have each encountered the Evil Eye at some time in our lives. The Evil Eye can come from another’s negative energy, gossip, jealousy, personal or psychic attacks. Each of us has known an energy vampire… that person who sucks your energy dry and attempts to steal your inner fire.

In our American culture, we really don’t talk much about the Evil Eye but it is present now more than ever in these uncertain times. These are dark shadowy days with some individuals thinking it’s acceptable to act and speak with rampant hatred, aggression, bigotry, selfishness, irrationality and intolerance.

A simple yet powerful technique I learned from my Celtic Shamanism teacher, Tom Cowan, is the Blessed Eye cord. I’ve used it for years to repel and transform negative forces in my life.

Clients have benefited from it for addictions, abusive relationships, and protection. I have used it to stop trespassers, shift foul thinking, disengage from control dramas and banish disease.

Braided cords are considered one of the most ancient talismans protecting against the Evil Eye. The braids are charged with energies to protect the wearer; entrusted with the power to avert malignant influence and painful misfortune; shift negative encounters and heal from injury.

To make a Blessed Eye braided cord:
Become clear on your intention to transform the darkness. Sit or lie down. Drum or rattle. In your vision, encircle yourself with everyone and everything that gives you strength. Call in all that feeds you… seen and unseen… friends, family, power animals, guardian angels, ancestors, colors, trees, flowers, plants, landscapes, homes, elements, gemstones. Feel the love and light of all that is encircling you.

Imagine the person (or issue) casting the Evil Eye. Welcome them into the center of your circle. Give the darkness back to the curser transforming it with compassion. See them filled to overflowing with all they truly need and desire. Help them see their own life is good and valuable. Saturate them with light and love. Bless and empower them transmuting their Evil Eye into a Blessed Eye. Then see them leave your circle and wish them well.

You will now begin to braid power and prayers into your cord. Having selected three strands, tie a knot in one end and hold between your teeth. Begin to braid.

With each braid say aloud “Power of _________ I have.” As you braid, allies will begin to flow into your cord. Into your braid, you will place the power of friends, animals, pets, plants, elementals, deities, celestial bodies, seasons, spiritual teachers, mentors… all who are surrounding you in your circle.

Braid until you reach the end of your strands. Take your Blessed Eye cord and consecrate it with water, essential oil or incense. Then tie your cord onto your wrist, ankle, neck or waist.

When you no longer need it, it often falls off. Or when it feels right, cut it off. Release it into a fire or stream when you’ve resolved the issue and no longer need the braid.

I have found this spiritual practice most effective. It is a task I do often with guidance from the Divine realms. Braiding the Blessed Eye cord helps me embrace change and release the past with grace. It is a reminder of who I am, that I am always surrounded by a loving council of allies, and I have surrendered to my higher power.

It is most important to bring light into dark places. With a kind heart, many virtuous things can be accomplished. Move through the world in faith and trust shining with your Blessed Eye.

“We must keep trusting in ourselves, nature, the universe, and the Mystery That Dwells in All Things.” — Tom Cowan

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