Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Love Letter

Dear Earth:
My home, I love you so
In your every mood and season!
I’d like to say my species
Has a love for you, increasin’

But, dearest, as I gaze around
I feel a hollow lack
Of respect, appreciation
And – for sure – our eco-logic knack.

We humans think we know it all,
We say we have “discovered”
The truths of living, great and small
(Which other beings long have lover’d)

With more of our kind, every day,
Begettin’ population
We need to get hip to ideas
Of Love beyond mere copulation:

Love the wisdom well embodied
In our zillion Earth-relations,
In the hearts of all who swim, crawl, fly
or wiggle (those at “lower” stations).

There’s so much of you to love,
Dear Earth:
The watersheds! The weather!
The pollination process
In which bugs and plants make love together!

The microscopic life of soil!
Nights a-twinkle, firefly-ing!
The atmospheric sliver
That protects all life on Earth from frying!

How can we humans miss this stuff?
This constant, all-pervasive wonder?
Why do we blow off, doggedly,
Your beauty, in our heads of dunder?

We who see you, we who know you
Need to pipe your Terran tune,
Need to give our kind the message
That we don’t need Mars or Moon,

That your systems will sustain us
(as for eons now they’ve done),
That it becomes us to respect you
As our home, our only one;

That the Web of Life embodied here,
So intricate and true,
Enfolds, heals and embraces us.
Geez, can we give some thanks to you?

Oh let me be your troubadour
Dear Earth, my home, my queen
Let my words inspire others
To appreciate what I have seen

To sing your verdant praises,
To extol your functions and your Beauty –
What a gig! I love it!
I accept this as my Sacred Duty.

Thanks! I love you!

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