Publisher’s Corner: A Holiday We All Will Remember

At 65 years old, and having been through a lot in my lifetime, there is little that surprises me anymore. And this presidential election is perhaps the crescendo of that feeling. While watching the returns, I am sure both sides’ amazement meter went up and down like the Screaming Eagle at Six Flags. Apparently there are more paths to victory and defeat than one way streets in the city. I have friends who are truly deflated and might I say depressed with the results. Never in the course of modern politics have the polls been so wrong. The pulse of the people was not being felt by a competent doctor. Like a phoenix, the Republican party rose from the ashes of certain demise and all the elephants joined trunks and tails and came home. The Republican herd is alive and well and the Donkeys are kicking themselves. The electoral college again has offered up a questionable victory according to those who lost. Twice now in 16 years the majority has not spoken. But the process has given us an electoral victor and half the country again will have a holiday to celebrate while the other half will have an election they would like to forget. But in the end, this is the process we currently live by, soldiers die for, and we must find a way to open our hearts to all who have made their choice. Even if it were not the choice you embraced. Time does not stand still. Everyone needs to fight for the things you feel are important. Stay involved. Find common ground. Move your life, your family and your community forward. As we celebrate the Holidays, this is a good time to remember that there is goodness in everyone no matter how hard it might seem to show. Human beings are not perfect, but we are resilient and we can look for a bright light even if it seems dark right now. For many, this has been an amazing rebirth. Promises have been made to the people. And now it’s time to give the victors their chance at governing. The right way is the way that works for the few as well as the many. The way that heals our souls and the way that makes us feel good when we put our heads on our pillows at night. We face many challenges as a country, as a people, but none so greater than temperance and listening. Christmas reminds me of so many Bible stories of forgiveness and compassion. It’s so hard sometimes to have the understanding it takes to move forward when it feels you are moving backward. But movement can sometimes be slight yet meaningful. Let’s hope we as a nation can move forward with meaning and offer everyone a chance to feel their voice is being heard, no matter what the pollsters tell us.

This has been another eventful year. The Healthy Planet magazine is now in our 20th year of serving the greater St. Louis area. We are so proud to be your voice for Health, Wellness and Sustainable Living. We look forward to finding new ways to represent you in the months and years to come. As the economy picks up, we feel more Green and Health oriented businesses will start up or expand. And as they do, we will be here sharing those resources with all our 90,000 monthly readers. We have so many things to be thankful for, most of which are love of family and friends. And we hope you get to spend time with all of yours this holiday season and your life will be filled with peace, love and prosperity in the new year to come. As always we appreciate your support of The Healthy Planet and all those businesses and organizations you read about in our magazine each month!

Happy Holidays! J.B. Lester, Publisher