Election After-Effects

Phylis Sparks

By Phylis Sparks

As we adjust to the outcome of the recent election, many are feeling an after-effect. If you’re like me, you’re mostly just glad it’s over. Regardless of our political perspective, what many are sensing feels like a dismantling; a breaking apart. In one of my favorite books entitled Spiral Dynamics, the authors call it “The Humpty Dumpty Effect.”

Spiral Dynamics was not written after our recent election, it was written twenty years ago! The amazing thing is, it clearly describes today’s world. Here’s what the authors say: “During these complex times in which we find ourselves, sometimes Earth seems to be rocking out of control. We have encountered The Humpty Dumpty Effect.”

As described in the nursery rhyme, the fat-and-happy Humpty Dumpty has a great fall from the wall upon which he’d been sitting. He breaks into many pieces, and all the King’s horses and men can’t put Humpty together again. The only choice is to create a new Humpty Dumpty.

The good news is, although things are obviously lining up for change, it’s essential to open our minds and hearts to what’s next. We get to face our feelings in a very conscious, open-minded way, transform those feelings that do not serve us into hope, and continue soaring upward from hope to inspiration, from inspiration to enthusiasm, and enthusiasm into the passion for new possibilities. Then we must put those new possibilities into motion by taking fearless action.

Keep in mind, it’s impossible to live in fear and love at the same time. These are two emotional perceptions that are diametrically opposed to each other. It’s time for change, it’s time for loving interaction, and it’s time for seeing things from new and higher perspectives. It’s time for authentic forgiveness as described and explained in my recently released book, Forgiveness… It Is NOT What You Think It Is! The accomplishment of true forgiveness can make an enormous difference in the freedom to move forward and upward with courage, strength, and commitment, leaving all the shattered and broken pieces behind.

Let’s make the decision to join together and make the road ahead easy to navigate instead of hard. Let’s make it a journey of thriving rather than striving. Let’s unfold a path lit by the light of compassion, and move into the New Year with a true sense of rebirth and renewal.

Phylis Sparks is a professional speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator and author of FORGIVENESS … It Is NOT What You Think It Is! She is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, and the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry in Orlando, Florida. Phylis is the founder, Director, and Senior Minister of The Soul-Esteem Center in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and currently conducts classes on The Tricky Art of Forgiveness, The Soul-Math Formula, Meditation, Effective Speaking and Presentation Skills, Prosperity Principles, and many others. She lives in Lake St. Louis with her husband Bill Lange.