Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi


Years ago, in my not-yet-focused youth, I played with friends in the public eye. Our antics were Street Theater. Our original material, performed with abandon, explored deep themes.

We called our troupe Reality Movers.

My great life-mentor Jeannie Breeze, a friend to many in St. Louis, was our leader. She wrote our performance pieces. They were poetic and good-hearted, funny riffs on the serious wisdom of how thought manifests:

Oh we are the Myth-Makers
We are the Dreamers of Dreams
And with our Minds and Imaginations
We continually Create… REALITY

Today I ask: Reality, REALLY?
Perception generates it. Repetition energizes it. Fake news can inflate it. Put something out there often enough, we humans start to believe it’s true. Hook that something to people’s uncertainty, tapping into emotional fuel, and that Wannabe flames into “IS,” embodying the consciousness (or lack thereof) that gave rise to it.

But is this Reality? Does it have to be? With stuff so mutable, can Reality be moved? What if we put the strength of our minds – and hearts and hands – and even our backs to it, even when the prevailing IS feels and seems like an overwhelming, insane, dug-in whopper?

Individual perception condenses into a group whole. Like water droplets becoming clouds. Directing personal focus how you want your influence to be IS, even on whopper turf, a sound, sane, working investment.

This season, in this society, through this cycle of events on this planet, I am looking for and seeing many reminders of how to stay focused in the nature of Reality I value – namely, Love – even in the face of whopping opposition. I want to share with you a few re-MIND-ers that move me:

“Love is letting go of fear.” – A Course In Miracles

“Only two things do human beings physically fear: loud noises and falling. All other “fear” arises in the mind… In winter especially, one can look deep into the frozen waters of emotion and recognize the patterns of thought that give rise to patterns of emotion. Clarify those patterns. Choose good cause. Let your Clear Mind create Peace.” – Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo

“Acc-centuate the Postive! E-liminate the Negative! Latch on to the Affirmative! Don’t mess with Mister In-Between!” – Johnny Mercer

“See the world as you want it to be, then proceed to live what you see.” – Jeannie Breeze

As many hands make light work, so too can many minds and hearts make up a movement. Its character is each one’s choice. Reminder to myself and, respectfully, to you: stay strong, aligned with Love, the force at the heart of Reality.

Jean Ponzi invites you into weekly conversations about our environment. Pick up her KDHX Earthworms podcasts on iTunes. Jeannie Breeze will lead the 31st annual St. Louis World Peace Day celebration and services on December 31 at 6 a.m. at Central Reform Congregation