Confused About Nutrition?

Learn The Answers Nov. 17 In St. Louis

By Hugh St. Onge
Nutritional Services Inc.

Many people are confused about nutrition! We see a report to “Eat this” and the next day another article that says “Don’t eat that; eat this.” How do we sort all this out so we can more easily shop for ourselves and our families?

And supplements…there are so many out there that when we go to the store we can feel like we are in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean! How do we decide what is best?

Organic food and food-based supplement sales are growing by double digits in America and have for a number of years now. Take one example, Post Holdings, Inc. (Post cereals) based here in St Louis. Post has been buying organic food companies; in 2013, Post purchased Attune Foods, a non-GMO and organic food company out of San Francisco. They are moving in this direction because consumers are wanting better quality food. But we need a useful and practical guide to understand what better quality food is and how to recognize it.

Many food packages list chemically-made vitamins among the ingredients on the side panel – Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), B1 (as thiamine mononitrate), etc. — and one food package competes with another in having the most synthetic vitamins in them.

Mother Nature, however, produces food with nutrient groups—all bound together. These groups include vitamins, minerals and co-enzyme packages that are all put together synergistically with each part enhancing the body’s utilization of every other part. These complexes are never characterized by large amounts of any one part, but rather some of all the parts to provide the complete nutrient packages. This calls into question the entire concept on food labels that more is better.

The short story here is that real food and food- based supplements are great examples of Mother Nature’s way of putting together the complete nutrient packages for the health of our families.

Confused About Nutrition? At the November 17 lecture (see information on this page), learn the difference between what Mother Nature makes and what is made in chemical laboratories and how to sort out food and supplement purchases so that you know you have what is real and powerful for you and your family.

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