Publisher’s Corner: Autumn Bern And Life Cycles

J.B. Lester

I had a political conversation with my two twenty-something daughters recently about the importance of voting. They were both Bernie supporters and now are saying they just won’t vote because they don’t like either Hillary or Donald. It wasn’t so long ago, well I guess it was so long ago, that my young heart was filled with optimism and idealism for a man named McGovern. We want our young people to get involved in the political process, not sit on the sidelines in an apathetic pool of meaningless social drool. And then when they get fired up, find a cause they can rally behind, their hopes and dreams are crushed by the big political establishment. I try to tell my daughters that you vote for a platform and not necessarily the candidate. I have said for years that we put too much emphasis on who is in the White House and not enough pressure on who is in Congress. The president can suggest legislation but can’t pass it. Yes, there is the power of veto, but by the time legislation comes to the president’s desk, the writing is on the wall. This election cycle we have two presidential candidates with high negative ratings. Flawed choices, perhaps, but one will still be elected to lead our country. And I suggest to my daughters that you study the party platforms. What do these candidates and their party platforms reveal about who they are and what they intend to do over the next four years. No man or woman is an island. No matter how much they act like it. It takes a village called Congress. I do feel sorry for all the young people who got their hopes and dreams dashed when Bernie lost the nomination. But put the Bern to good use. Vote for the candidate who best reflects your hopes and dreams. Compare platforms. Which issues are important to you? Which causes best reflects who you are? Yes, we have two candidates with flaws. One will be president. I hope my daughters will vote for the candidate who best supports their views. And that goes for our Senatorial and Congressional candidates as well. We have to put an end to our “Do-Nothing Congress.” And the only way to do that is to hold them accountable with our votes. The only term limits we have right now are at the ballot box. I was crushed when George McGovern lost in a landslide in 1972 to Richard Nixon. But for all you feeling the Bern out there, if you think you have been forsaken by the system now, just wait to see how you feel after the election if you don’t vote. Participation is power!

Autumn is not only about elections, it is also a time of preparation. It’s like that hour before you go to bed. You yawn, rub your eyes, brush your teeth, put on your pajamas and prepare for slumber. As much as I really don’t like winter. I do like to sleep. And I know the importance of sleep. Just as we need our rest to rejuvenate our bodies and minds, so does the earth. Nature ebbs and flows. Cycles sustain life. We reboot our computers when things go amiss. So do we with our lives. I also tell my daughters, it’s never too late for a reboot. In fact, fresh starts are necessary for all life on the planet. So many chances to make things right. Let’s make the best of it!

In Good Health, J.B. Lester, Publisher